Can repo men take your car parked at a store with a person in it?


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Legally, no. This would fall under wrongful incarceration or kidnapping. The repo agent can block the vehicle in until that person gets out and then hook the unit. If the person re-enters the vehicle afterward then all bets are off. If the police are called in this situation, someone is likely to go to jail for breach of peace, and the repo agent has a legally binding notice of repossession.

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No a repo person can not break into your home to repo your car. Repossession persons can not damage or destroy any property in attempts to take possession of a vehicle.

No they cannot but that does not mean repo morons won't try.If you have any doubts call the Police Immediately !!!!

A repo guy is likely to say anything to get your car. If he's looking for it, you owe the money and he gets to take the car. Hiding it in the garage will keep him at bay for only a short time. Whether or not you have homeowner's insurance does not factor into the equation.

Maybe the repo man was after something other than your car. Or, maybe the person was there to serve you with some papers.

Yes, a repo is a repo whether you give it up or they take it.

Yes. As a matter of fact, Repo Men will more than often be very sneaky while repossessing a vehicle. They can't take your vehicle off the property without telling you, they can't enter if your car is parked in the garage, and they can't open a gate to get it without your permission. So they will often wait until your vehicle is out in the open. For example: If your car is parked on the curb in front of your house, or if you're at Taco Bell and the car is parked outside in the parking lot... They will follow you and wait for a time they can get it without you giving them any trouble. It's totally legal for them to take your vehicle when you're unaware. Repo Men are contracted or hired by the true owner of the vehicle, whether it be the bank, a person, etc...

A repo worker does not normally pick up a vehicle unless he has an order from the lien holder (usually the creditor who financed the vehicle). If you own your vehicle outright with no liens against it, the repo person probably picked it up by mistake.

A 'Repo Man' is a person who gets paid by a company to repossess anything (usually cars, planes, automobiles, etc.) that hasn't been paid for in 3 months or more. The person can just take it back to the company, but he/she has to have the right papers so they can take it. Basically, if the person hasn't paid the rent (usually for cars and such) for a while, it gets repossessed.

You give the repo man the keys to the vehicle and let him take the vehicle.

Yes, until the repo order is canceled by the owner.

Depends on the state you are in. Some states will take your license if you are found guilty of that.

No, repo persons can not enter your residence without permission and an attached garage is your property.

Perhaps, it depends on the repo company's policy.

they take it to a lot that has no name on it so people don't try to come and get it with out paying first. they will give you directions after you pay. the repo company mine got taken to after 2 1/2 days of the repo man using it for himself was on rt33 in manalapan new jerssy. good luck

A "repo man" can take your car no matter what. If your purse is in the car, they can take it. You will probably be called with the information on how to get your personal effects.

Yes, a repo man can take your car in any circumstances. He just needs to find a means to enter the property.

not sure what you mean by format. the repo man can pick it up at your house,work ,shopping center, or were ever they find it "parked". they can not take it when your driving.{i mean,they can't pull you over or any thing like that}

Yes they can take the car were they need for safe storage. Just FYI if the repo company has the car it's no longer yours.

then they take your car and repo it.

It can happen as soon as they find the car. Sometimes within hours.

He's not allowed to repossess your baby. Note: Child welfare service workers are not repo men; they CAN take your baby.

A repossession can be executed anyplace or time that a person holding the repossession order sees the vehicle in question, as long as the repo man does not violate the law in doing so. That said, Florida law does not restrict repossession according to location.

you mean valet parking dont they take away your car if you valet parking on the blue??? ^_^

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