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Guess what? Your boss didn't tell ME not to repo on his lot. It doesn't cover every repoman who may come to get your car. Now if he had a security guard to keep unauthorized visitors out... but he probably wont do that just to protect your car from repomen. maybe he should give you a raise so you can pay your notes..wouldn't that be better??

nice roosta.... I am glad I work in a fenced guarded work place... ha ha ha ha

NO they cannot trespass but as you can see from the above response legality means little to them.

If the authorized representative of the owner of the property or the owner of the property tells the repoman to leave, then the repoman has to leave. It cannot be a customer, janitor or employee unless they are considered a legal representative of the owner. It's kinda funny, my engine on my truck runs pretty loud and I can barely hear anyone who is yelling at me. I think they are yelling at me, usually it sounds like they are yelling "Hey, that's a nice truck!" but I can never be sure!

As I said before legality means little to these repo morons but after your car is gone it is to late.

From what I have read, if the repo man is told to leave he has to and is not supposed to return. However, the finance company can send out 25 different ones. Each time they have to be told to leave. A lot of times these repo people(I had a better word but I am being nice) think they are bounty hunters or above the law. That is when they get cocky and arrogant and eventually mess up.
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Q: Can repossession agents come inside the fence of a business to get a car if the boss has told them to leave and not come back?
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