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What are reindeer antlers used for?

reindeer antlers are used to protect reindeer against predators! ;)

What is plural for moss?

The plural form ''moss'' is used to describe a group of the same type of moss. "Mosses" is used to describe groups of different types of moss that are together.

What is the collective noun for reindeer?

There is no standard collective noun specifically for reindeer, however the collective nouns for 'deer' can be used; for example, a herd of reindeer, a parcel of reindeer, a mob of reindeer, etc.

What is the plural of raindeer?

Reindeer is used as a plural and a singular. "Oh look it is a reindeer" and "oh look at the group of reindeer" - for example.

Why were grasses and moss used?

Grasses and moss were used for insulation which helped with comfort and so fort

What is the name of the tenth reindeer?

Olive... as in "Olive the other reindeer" who used to torment Rudolph

What is the plural of moss?

The word moss can be used either singular or plural.

Can moss be used for anything?

umm... Yes! Snails like moss and allege

A reserved power is a power reserved for?

They are powers not listed in the Constitution. These can be used by a cabinet or legislature.

What do people use moss for?

The African Americans used moss as blankets for their babies and diapers

What is moss stone used for in Minecraft?

Moss stone is found in dungeons in and is not used for anything normal stone is not used for. Just nice decoration. minecraft

How are moss medicine?

Irish moss and sphagnum moss have been used medicinally. The most common use of moss is as a dressing for wounds. It has been used to stop bleeding in field wounds during wars in Scotland and in the Civil War in the United States.

Is Rudolph the reindeer a girl?

No he is a boy: according to the song: "...all of the other reindeer, used to laugh and call him names...".

Did Randy Moss used steriods?


What are the human uses of moss?

Moss can be used to heal cancer and this is being tested in experiments. T

What animals are used for Santa to get around in Australia?

there not reindeer

Do you need to use moss killer after thatching?

Moss killer is best used before scarifying (thatching) as raking the living moss just spreads the spores.

How is peat moss used?

in plants and soil

Who is Olive the other reindeer?

Supposedly a female reindeer in the Rudolph story because "olive" sounds like "all of" in the song lyric "all of the other reindeer, used to laugh and call him names."

How was sphagnum moss was used during the civil war?

Sphagnum moss was used as a bandage during the Civil War to wrap around gun wounds.

Does Super Moss Preserved Sheet Moss smell?

No. I've used this moss before and it does not smell like anything other than a botanical or dried flower bouquet.

What class of the network is reserved and not used?

E series

What was used to pull Santa's sleigh before reindeer?


What makes peat and can be used to treat burns bee stings and to polish objects?

Moss or peat moss can be used to treat burns, bee stings, and to polish objects. Peat moss was also used to heat homes in early settlement days of the western United States.

What is the Irish connection between Irish moss and carrageenan?

carrageen moss is a type of seaweed used to thicken desserts etc