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Can road accidents be a disaster?


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No since car accidents can be controlled by people not like any disaster that do not have control of.


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on case of road road maker & ministers on the case of driver by drinking faults in car road accidents are accures

In England, there are a large number of fatalities from road traffic accidents every year. The fatality rate for road traffic accidents in England is 2,222 accidents per year.

Disaster Prone is where you are more likely then anyone else to get into disasters/trouble/accidents.

it can stop accidents by letting people across and is visibe from in the car to road

A speech on road accidents should include statistics and facts on the number of incidents that occur each year. Reasons for the prevalence of road accidents should also be included.

Road accidents can left great damages:1. hospitalization2. handicap3. death

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No, You would need to look for your auto insurance for road accidents

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radiation accidents (1986 Chernobyl disaster, Ukraine)railway accidents (1917 train derailment in France killed 800 - 1000 people)road accidents (May 9, 1999 tour bus crashed into a concrete wall in New Orleans killing 22 people)

One of the main disadvantages of road accidents is injuries that occur from them. Other disadvantages include traffic backup, and damage.

Most accidents happen on the highway or on the ghats on the hill.

There is not any official statistics as to how many animals die because of road accidents each year. There are most likely hundreds of thousands of animals that accidentally die in road accidents.

Around 293 people die because of road related accidents every year.

...only if they're ON the road.... kclaire You can find your answer here:

Statistically, driver inattention is the most prevalent cause of most accidents.

lack of paying attention

Nuclear power accidents are a disaster. The 1986 nuclear accident at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in Ukraine was a catastrophic accident.

I think of the road accidents that happen due to careless driving.

becouse people are drunk driving

According to some statistics there are 42,116 people killed due to car accidents.

247,780 road casualties which is 4% less than what it was in the year 2006.

Road Safety prevents accidents and people from getting hurt or harm.9

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