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Can roblox hack you?


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2011-09-12 15:53:59
2011-09-12 15:53:59

it will if you tell them your password. No Roblox knows your password when you make a guy because your the one that has to make one and they take a look to match it. *That is correct

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roblox is safe roblox is safe!!!

infact there is weather on roblox for exaple,adopt me,bloxburg and more,but it is impossible to hak,roblox is a safe game.

There is no way to hack Roblox Admin games. Hacking games on Roblox is against the sit's Terms Of Service. Attempting to hack any Roblox game can result in a ban.

NOBADY CAN HACK ROBLOX. Roblox is a funny site so dont hack it idiots. Jaredvaldez dont copy copylocked places!! OKAY? fock you jared

true true but still roblox is 100% better than fortine

You can use Cheat Engine to hack your Roblox character's health, but that can get you banned it is not recommended.

No you can't hack ROBLOX Builders Club. >:O

You cannot Hack, You can only PG.

There are no working hacks for Roblox.

There is no way to hack to give yourself Robux on Roblox. Any attempt to hack the roblox database and edit your money is likely to fail and may result in a permanent ban from Roblox. It is against the terms of service and should not be attempted in the first place.

It is against the Terms Of Service of Roblox to use cheat engine on it. If you use the money hack you could get banned. It is more likely that you would get temporarily suspended from Roblox if you use the money hack.

You can't. Probley In The Future They will Find a Way To Hack For Adiam follow me on Roblox my name is alen360

Guess passwordMany and many times

You have to be an admin of the place.

No, they are all fake, You cannot hack roblox.

Hacking "Roblox" Is impossible, Hacking was made impossible in 2009.

u can not hack a Roblox user. on roblox there are workers. they watch wat people r sentding and doing. if u get cought hacking some 1 elses ull get banned.

It is not suggested to hack someone, as this would be dealing with legal issues.

Loopkill was a hack on ROBLOX in 2009, ROBLOX managed to patch the cheat so its no longer possible.

No. Any website claiming that they can hack your money on Roblox is fake and should not be trusted. If you use them, you may get your account stolen.

you can use roblox studio to hack other people games too

You don't need to do that, if you want admin for ROBLOX site, get a job their.

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