Can salt lose its flavor?

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Taste of saltI think you can't call salt a flavor (black and white aren't colours)
Salt has its taste and holds its taste.
It is a mineral that stays for ever.
You can mix it with any think even eat it, but in the end it comes out as the salt taste.

I can recall eating C-Rations in 1973 that were boxed in 1943, each box contained a package of salt. After 30 years it was still salt!
I believe it is possible for some types of salt to lose their flavor. Observe the following:
"Salt produced by the evaporation of sea-water in hot countries is said sometimes to lose its saline properties. The same result is also sometimes seen in impure rock-salt that has long been exposed to the air. When such is the case there can nothing be done with it but to throw it out into the highway, where men and beasts trample it down." ("Manners & Customs of the Bible" by James M. Freeman, page 335)

There are different meanings of salt - one is table salt (mostly sodium chloride), another is other "salty" seasonings such as Dead Sea salt (not mostly sodium chloride), and another refers to a group of chemical compounds that are quite diverse.
Sodium chloride can lose its salty flavor by reacting with another molecule with precipitation of another salt (add copper sulfate and you get copper chloride salt with sodium sulfate in solution). Dead Sea salt is reportedly very low in sodium chloride, so if the flavor primarily comes from that, then a very small amount of contamination could potentially change the flavor and make it worthless (this is conjecture).
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If you take a salt water bath will you lose weight?

Any hot bath, salt or not, will make you lose weight through sweat if you soak in it for 10 minutes ~ because the humidity underwater is 100%. salt does not improve the procedure, just speeds it up so that you don't spend as long in the tub. It needs to be stressed that this is not something t ( Full Answer )

What is salt?

What is salt? Salt is a chemical compound made up of sodium (Na) and chloride (Cl), or NaCl.

Can Miracle Grow cause vegetables to lose flavor?

Yuch . yes. IN ADDITION: . Miracle grow is fine for flowers, but a poor addition to a vegetable plant. It is equivalent to giving a two year old a pound of sugar to eat. The child is hyper and full of energy for two hours and bam, falls asleep, exausted. Miracle grow is too high in nitrogen a ( Full Answer )

How long can you keep spices before they lose their flavor?

I hear the Egyptian pyramid have yielded lots of still edible items - including spices - thus, thousands of years for some. When keeping spices, you should always have an air tight container. So long as that's the case, they should last as long as you have them in stock.

Where do you get salt from?

ocean There are two kinds of salt. One is sea salt and it is produced all over the world. Beds of sea water are allowed to evaporate until there is a caked surface of salt then it is cut into blocks and stacked. There is gray, red, black, white, pink, and each has a different taste since it is from ( Full Answer )

Why does bubble gum lose it's flavor?

it depends on the kind of gum you have. and if you smack on it. if you get gum that says long lasting, it probably isn't. here are some names of the gum that loses its taste easy: stride, juicy fruit, extra classic bubble, bubble yum, and bubble tape.

Where do you get salt?

The greatest percentage of salt is extracted from mines. You get sea water and put it in a evaporating dish. Then evaporatethe water and then there is salt left.

Why does gum lose its flavor?

Because as you chew on the gum, the flavor comes out of it because of your saliva. This is why you TASTE it.

What is the best flavor of flavored condoms?

The best has to be chutney and vodka sewn together. i have expeirience behind me and i know. It is the best because it is hot and spicey yet mellow and peaceful!

How does salt flavor food?

Breslin, P. A. S. and Beauchamp, G. K. theorise the following in their 1997 journal article "Salt enhances flavour by suppressing bitterness" (Nature, Volume 387, Issue 6633, pp. 563 (1997)):. Salts are used as flavouring agents in the cuisines of many cultures, the most commonly used being NaCl. T ( Full Answer )

What is salts?

Salts are the products of a neutralization reaction between a metal(or ammonium) hydroxide and an acid.

Why does gum lose flavor?

It's because you chew all the flavor out of it! When gum is chewed it loses it's flavor so unless you get 5 gum, it runs out too fast!

Why does chewing gum lose its flavor on the bedpost overnight?

That is an unproven assertion. Preliminary studies have shown that chewing gum parked on the bedpost actually retains more flavor than chewing gum kept in the mouth overnight. Furthermore, it is likely to accumulate flavorful additives during the nocturnal hours.

Which brand of gum loses its flavor the fastest and which keeps its flavor the longest also im using stride 5 gum trident orbit and extra i need to know this for the background of my science project?

Well... stride usually last longest. It also comes with the greatest amount of gum in a package. Although out of your choices I would have to say Trident. But out of all the gum juicy fruit last shortest even though it isn't in your choices. But the newest 5 gum flavor has the longest flavor out of ( Full Answer )

How does gum lose flavor?

gum loses flavor by you sucking on it and chewing on it the sugar extracts and breaks apart so the sugar you swallowed is absorb by your body so once you have taken the sugar it is flavor less (Joke answer) By being on the bedpost overnight

Salt what does it do to you?

Some importantapplications of sodium chloride . - seasoning for foods - preservative for foods - preparation of sodium, chlorine, sodium hydroxide, hydrogen - roads deicing - soaps fabrication - salts baths - saline solutions and other applications in medicine. Also:. - sodium is indispensa ( Full Answer )

What are the flavors of aquafina flavored water?

Strawberry Kiwi, Raspberry, Wild Berry, and Citrus Fruit. I like the Raspberry best. The Strawberry Kiwi was okay. I've never tried Wild Berry or Citrus Fruit. I like all the Flavored watery stuff, It is so Good! I don't know how much I have Tried, but they are good! Anyone who has never tried F ( Full Answer )

How can you get salt?

drink a Gatorade, sprinkle a bit on your popcorn... there are countless ways to get salt, the easiest and most direct would be to pour some in your mouth.

Can sea salt lose its flavor?

Salt has its taste and holds its taste. It is a mineral that stays for ever. You can mix it with any thing, and even eat it. But in the end it comes out as the same salt taste as you remembered before.

How a teaspoon of salt can flavor a whole pan of soup?

Because a teaspoon of salt has a lot of salt minerals in it, and if you put liquid in the stew or soup, the salt minerals will separate into individual particles, that will flow to every part of the soup, and the taste comes out.

Does salt lose mass when dissolved?

No. The atoms of salt exist and have mass whether they are a solid or whether they have been put into water to dissolve. The atoms have not ceased to exist. They have just separated into their ions in the water and are no longer visible to the naked eye as salt crystals.

Is there a big flavor difference between salted vs unsalted butter?

Salted butter is sweeter, but is unhealthier A different answer: Salted butter is saltier than unsalted butter. Salt acts as a preservative, so unsalted butter must be fresh, and therefore "sweet," whereas salted butter could be older and stale. It is difficult to know how much salt has been a ( Full Answer )

Why do some people lose the flavor in their chewing gum faster than others?

I don't believe that they are actually losing flavour faster than others, it has more to do with their standards. For example, one person's "loss of flavour" may be just the loss of that initial gum taste, and more when that wow factor is gone. Another person's limit may be completely bland, no flav ( Full Answer )

Can pure salt lose its saltiness?

Not unless it is change into something else by chemical means. The "saltiness" is the result of the presence of sodium ions and chloride ions, which are what make table salt table salt..

Were do you get salt from?

Well...I get it from a big barrel at my local supermarket. They get it from a salt company, and the salt company can get it in several ways. They can mine it like any other mineral. When they mined salt by hand, it was very dangerous work - which is why prisoners under sentence of death were usuall ( Full Answer )

What are the lyrics for Does your chewing gum lose it's flavor on the bedpost overnight?

Oh-me, oh-my, oh-you Whatever shall I do Hallelujah, the question is peculiar I'd give a lot of dough If only I could know The answer to my question Is it yes or is it no Does your chewing gum lose its flavour On the bedpost overnight If your mother says don't chew it Do you swa ( Full Answer )

What can do of salt?

Some important applications of sodiumchloride - seasoning for foods - preservative for foods - preparation of sodium, chlorine, sodium hydroxide, hydrogen - roads deicing - soaps fabrication - salts baths - isotonic solutions - sodium is indispensable for life etc.

How long can you lose your memory from bath salts?

I went to a smoke shop and was talking to one of the workers there about bath salts and he said he lost his memory for about 3 Weeks also he forgot how to use a fork. I swear this is a true sTory. Also bath salts show up as Meth on drug tests.

Why when you have a cold hold your nose or smoke food loses its flavor?

When you have a cold or hold your nose, food seems to lose itsflavor because the area inside the top of your nasal cavity whichdoes the smelling has less exposure to the food molecules whichcreate the food's odor. Smokers have, by their smoking, caused damage to the tissues insidethe nose which do t ( Full Answer )