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Yes, scientists can predict volcanic eruptions, but only to a certain extent of accuracy.

One method is to use earthquakes. Earthquakes usually increase and become more violent before a volcanic eruption

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Q: Can scientists predict volcanic eruptions?
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How do scientists predict when a volcano will erupt?

scientists can predict volcanic eruptions by using a seismograph. But that is just one method they,Kiera

True or false scientists can prevent volcanoes eruptions by carefully monitoring volcanoes?

False. Nobody can prevent a volcanic eruption, though scientists have some ability to predict eruptions.

Can scientists prevent volcanic eruptions?

No. There is no way to prevent volcanic eruptions.

Two methods that scientists use to predict volcanic eruptions?

Seismographs and they check local springs for sulferic acids.

What is the 3 ways scientists can predict volcanic eruptions?

1. Small earthquakes 2. Change in volcanic gases 3. Change in the volcano's slope

What tools are used to predict volcanic eruptions?


What is an advantage of monitoring volcanoes?

So they can predict volcanic eruptions

What instruments did scientists use to predict eruptions?

The flute

How do geologists predict volcanic eruptions?

Geologists predict volcanic eruptions by monitoring changes in the volcano and the surrounding area. Such changes include buildup of gas, rising magma, and an increase in earthquake activity.

Why is it difficult to predict volcanic eruptions?

It is very difficult to predict volcanic eruptions. The main reason is the fact most of them have been dormant for decades and lack frequent activity which might be used for prediction.

Why is it important to predict volcanic eruptions before they happen?

this is important because if scientists do not they will not have any time to evacuate the people living near this said volcanoe

What tools do scientists use to predict volcanic eruptions?

Scientists use seismograghs, tiltmeters, geodimeters and other stuff. Sorry I dont know any other answers. Love

How do humans attempt to predict or control volcanic eruptions?

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Which instrument is used to predict earthquakes and volcanic eruptions?

A strainmeter is used to predict earthquakes and volcanic eruptions by the coordinated use of the seismometer to detect the earthquake's or eruption's underground vibrations or shock waves that the seismograph records.

How can scientists predict natural disasters such as volcanoes?

Some natural disasters can be predicted to a limited degree, while others cannot. We can make warnings about volcanic eruptions, storms, ans tsunamis, but we cannot predict earthquakes.

Do scientists use volcanoes to predict earthquakes?

Yes, scientists use volcanoes to predict earthquake activity, because volcanic and earthquake activity go together. Volcanic eruptions spew out lava whose source is in the magma of the mantle. Earthquakes are caused by heat from the mantle making crustal [or lithospheric or tectonic] plates move.

Can you predict when a volcanic eruptions going to happen?

Yes because the rising of lava flows

What is the role of PHIVOLCS?

The role of PHIVOLCS is to predict the accurance of volcanic eruptions and earthquakes in the Philippines

Why is it important for scientist to predict volcanic eruptions?

To find out where and when they erupt incase there near you . And you will not die.

Can a seismograph predict a hurricane?

No. Seismographs detect (but do not predict) earthquakes, which have absolutely nothing to do with hurricanes. They can be used to predict potential tsunamis and volcanic eruptions however.

Can meteorologists predict volcanoes?

No. Meteorologists work to predict the weather, which does not include volcanoes. Efforts to predict volcanic eruptions are carried out by volcanologists, who are a variety of geologist.

How do scientists classify volcano eruptions?

Volcanic eruptions are classified on the Volcanic Explosivity index, which is based on parameters such as the amount of material erupted and the height of the eruption column.

Can you stop volcanic eruption?

No, but people have been able to predict when volcanic eruptions are going to happen for several years. Hope this was helpful :)

How do scientists predict natural disasterss?

redicting the size, location, and timing of natural hazards is virtually impossible, but now, earth scientists are able to forecast hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, wildfires, and landslides using fractals.

Why cant scientists predict when a volcano is going to erupts?

Because the eruptions are random. But, normally scientists can give an approximation.