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No. That would kill the semen. But, there has been the very occasional case that it has.

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Q: Can semen come out when a man urinate?
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Where does semen come from?

Most of the man's semen is produced in the seminal vesicles near the base of the penis. Sperm are added from the man's testicles before he ejaculates.

Is it possible to sperm come out through urine?

Semen should only be present in urine if you urinate immediately after ejaculation. The semen still resting in your penis will then be flushed out as the urine makes it way out of the body. Your body will not normally have semen in its urine because when you ejaculate, you bladder does not let out any urine. Also, when you urinate, your body will not let semen come out even though the tube coming from your bladder and the tube coming from you seminal vesicle both lead to a common tube, the urethra.

Why do men urinate after sex?

It helps clear the urethra of any semen left inside.

Why do you urinate whenever you think about sex?

That's semen not urine, you will leak it whether you mean to or not.

How much sperm can a man come?

An average adult male ejaculates about 5 ml of semen.

What kind of problem can a man have if after sex he pushes semen out of him?

None semen is suposed to come out one way or another. his body just keeps producing more.

Do men have an endless supply of semen?

A man's supply of semen is constantly being replenished, but after several sessions of sex or masturbation a man can temporarily run out. His penis will pulse and try to ejaculate but nothing will come out.

In a vasectomy man the sperm cannot come out which means no ejaculation. Then how a man can get satisfied during sex?

There is still ejaculation. Semen and other fluids still come out, but no sperm.

When semen production stops for a man?

semen production never stops for a man.Unlike women man can produce semen life long.

How Much Semen Does A Man Hold?

the average man has around 3 tablespoons of semen he can ejaculate.

Can a man urinate in his own anus?


Is a man's sperm come from his back bone?

No, neither sperm or semen come from the backbone. Spermatozoa are produced in the testes, and the rest of the semen is produced in the seminal vesicles or the prostate. All this is expressed out of the penis upon ejaculation.

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