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Can seventeen yr old move out of fathers home legally in Florida?

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Not unless the minor has parental permission to do so or has been emancipated in some manner such as marriage (requires parental consent) or court decree (which is RARELY granted). At 18, they can move out.

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Are parents legally resonsible for a seventeen year old if she leaves home?


If a child is seventeen can they legally leave home if their parents say no?

No, not legally. The minimum legal age of majority for any state is 18.

Can you leave home legally at seventeen?


Can a seventeen year old stay home alone at night?

Legally you can when you are 13 without the CPS getting involved

Can a married seventeen year old girl in Tennessee move out of parents home legally?

A married girl is considered emancipated.

What is the age a child can leave home in Florida without parent consent?

A child can leave at home in Florida at age 18, when he or she legally becomes an adult.

When can a child legally stay home alone in Florida?

My understanding is that a child must be at least 13 years old to stay home alone in the state of Florida.

If you're seventeen can the police legally take you back home in the state of Texas?

Yes, in Texas they can force you to go back home. If you refuse, they could send you to a detention center.

What is the legal age for emancipation in Florida?

16 although you may legally leave your home at 14

Can a seventeen year old with a baby legally move out of parents home in california?

Not without parental consent or emancipation by the court. Having a baby does not emancipate you.

Can a convicted felon have a firearm in home in Florida for protection?

Not legally. Felons are not allowed to own or possess firearms.

Can a 17 year old femail legally leave home and not be forced to return?

Seventeen is not the same as being eighteen. Until you are an adult, the law can return you to the parents.

Can a 16 year old legally leave home in the state of Florida?

yes you can leave home BUT only with parent consent or LEGAL emaciation.

Can a seventeen year old girl move out of her parents home and get her own house legally in Illinois?

No. You must be the age of majority, or 18, before you can legally sign a lease or contract. And your parents are responsible for you until you reach the age of majority.

Is a parent legally bound to file a police report if a 17yr leaves home without permission?

Specifically in Florida?

Can you legally move out of your parents home in Kentucky at age 17?

In Kentucky, seventeen is not the same age as eighteen. Until you are an adult, the law says the parents are responsible for the minor and where they live.

Can the cops do anything about moving out at 17 in Florida?

Yes, until you are 18, they can return you home or deliver you to a juvenile center. You can still be filed as a run away at seventeen.

Can a teenage mother move out of the family home in Florida?

Legally a teenager under the age of 18 cannot move out of their parents home in Florida. This law applies even if the teenager has a child of their own and you would have to have permission from your parents.

Can a seventeen year old legally move out in ct without parent permission and can the police make them come back i need an answer asap please?

No, they cannot legally move out at 17. Yes, the police can return the child to the home, or put them in foster care.

Is there anyway I can move out at age seventeen without permission and without an emancipation in North Carolina?

Not legally. honestly though it depends on your situations. cops will tell you as they have me that legally there is nothing they can do after you turn , if you run away and your parents want you home then some cops wont even listen and if they do they will only bring you home once. if you do it again then they will not bring you home because they have no obligation to

If you are seventeen and live in Buffalo New York can you move out legally without your parents doing anything about it like calling the cops and putting you in a home?

Yes you could be emancipated at age 16

Can a seventeen year old with a baby legally move out of parents home in nebraska?

No. When a minor have a baby she is only emancipated regarding her own health and the baby. Everything else is the same as before.

Can a seventeen year old leave home and inonore her mother?

No, you cant leave home until you legally become an adult,when you turn 18. You can be legally emancipated from your parents and then move out, ignoring your mom(that's what i guess that means) is up to you..but while living with her i doubt it'll be easy. Its either that get married or wait till your 18.

In Georgia if a child moves out at the age of seventeen is the parent still legally responsible for that child?

No, by law in the state of Georgia if a child willingly moves out of the parents home, him/her gaurdians are no longer responsible for that child.

Is a seventeen year old allowed to move out at in the state of Maine?

Legally a 17 year old cannot leave home in Maine. Until they turn 18, the parents are responsible for them and decide where they can live.