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Sex can hurt with any girl for the first time, no matter what size she is

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โˆ™ 2012-07-12 23:58:54
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Q: Can sex hurt as well for a bigger girl?
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Does it hurt to get it in the ass?

Yes it does hurt the girl, when he has anal sex.

How do you know if a girl is a virgin during sex?

Well the first time a girl haves sex it would normally hurt. So if she looks like she's in pain then she might b a virgin

Does sex hurt the first time for girls?

it depends on that girl. it might hurt, but that girl could get used to it.

How bad does it hurt the girl during sex?

Well it only hurts if you are not ready:( But if you relax it is not so bad, Use a condoom!

Can sex hurt a girl that is not in the puberty stage?

no it does not hurt why may i ask how old are you ?

Does sex hurt more to the boy or girl?

it hurts the girl way more

Does it hurt when your hymen breaks during sex?

Well, it's like this, when a young girl makes love to her boyfriend for the first time, it does hurt and it hurts even more when your hymen breaks.

Can too much sex hurt a girl?


Does it hert when a girl frist has sex?

For most girls it does hurt when you first have sex because the hymen (the lining covering the vagina) will be torn, but after that it shouldn't hurt.

How do you have kids if your gay?

Well if your a girl have sex with a boy. If your a boy have sex with a girl.

Does it hurt a boy girl when she has sex?

If by boy girl, you mean shemale, then it should feel the same, unless you are trying to have sex by sticking a genital through your genital, then it will hurt A LOT, because the hole is too small.

Does sex hurt guys the first time?

If done properly it dosent hurt the guy or girl If not done properly you scream you rhead of from the pain of the girl and somtimes even the girl

Does sex hurt for a girl?

No it does not hurt a girl when she is having sex her virgina is to transmitted to a mans penis if it the penis is transmitted to the virgina it gives her a relaxing sensasion just like an male has but also when you insert the penis to the Virgina to hard or maybe to fast it may hurt them but it does not effect to some females

How does it sex feel for a girl does it hurt?

It depends who the guy is and how rough they are in all my expiriance the majoraty did not hurt it will often hurt the first time as the hymen has to be broken

Why do some position hurt during sex?

Some positions hurt during sex if the guy is pretty big compared to the girl. The doggy position can hurt sometimes and so do other positions just because the way you are having sex. A guys penis can push on the girl's insides and cause pain, such as pain in the stomach that follows after sex. For some couples like me and my wife, it is just normal to feel a little pain and achey after sex.

Does it hurt a girl the first time she has sex?

It hurts the first few times, I've experienced it, But it doesn't hurt that much!

If a girl plays with her tits will they get bigger?

probably not, but if you record it you will end up having sex with a stranger

Why does sex hurt the first time for a girl?

Because the girls hymen breaks, she looses her virginity.

How does the but hole get bigger after sex?

yes . But if you have sex weeks before and you have sex weeks later your hole starts to close up . Then when you go to have sex again it may hurt all over again . Like it was your first time all over .

How do you know that if the girl is excited for sex or not and how you can excite them for a sex?

Well, if you want to have "a sex" with a girl, first you ask her whether she wants kids or not. If she says "no," then she doesn't want a sex and doesn't want you. The inverse if she says "yes."

Can a womnen's vagina get bigger without sex?

also the girl did'nt finger herself either

How bad does sex hurts the first time?

Well the first time I had sex it hurt just a little bit. Truthfully, it only hurt while he was entering me. Once he was inside of me, it didn't hurt anymore. I couldn't even feel him inside of me.

You are girl Every time sperm coming out with out sex how can i stop this problem?

Well, there's two ways.... get a tighter vagina, or find a bigger man. Glad i could help.

Does it hurt when a girl first has sex i want to but my friend says it feels bad for a start what does it feel like?

if your sisteris sexi and she want sex with other

Is it true that if a girl or boy has sex at an early age their sexual organs grow bigger at a faster rate?