Can sharks drown

Updated: 9/28/2023
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yes, i knonw it seems weird with them living underwater and all, but when fishermen catch them in nets, they make sure its tight and then it blocks their gills, and they drown. Or sufficate as you will call it.

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Yes. Sharks can see under water. Tip: If you are ever being attacked by a shark don't move and just stay there. I know it sounds crazy but sharks can only see to the side of them and are attracted to splashing and blood. So if you try to swim you are most likely to get bitten. And after a while the shark will go away.

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Q: Can sharks drown
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Why are sharks on the endangered list?

A major reason is that people will cut off their fins for food. That causes the shark to stop swimming. Sharks have to swim or they will drown. The sharks drown and die.

How do dolphin beat up the sharks?

They tip it over and drown it

Are many sharks endangered?

grey nurse and great white shark are indangerd because their fins they are cut of and the sharks drown

Do Sharks have to keep moving to avoid sinking?

yes or they can drown and die if they sink

Why do all sharks die if they don't swim at all times?

otherwise they drown

Do sharks swim asleep?

Sharks can never stop moving, because of the way their gills are. If they stop swimming, water will get in, and they will drown and die.

Do sharks live in the bottom of the ocean?

well, sometimes sharks hide in the in the bottom of the ocean and other sharks just want to find fish to eat in the bottom of the ocean.

Does sharks drown?

yes. the way that they survive underwater is because they have gills as you probably already know. if they stop swimming then they will drown because it cant get through their gills and out of their body.

What activity do wizards like?

they like to wrestle sharks and lye on the sea bed because they definitely wont drown

What is the most important part of a shark's body?

Thier dorsal fin, I'm not sure why but I do know they will drown and die without it, people catch sharks and cut off their dorsal fin to sell and throw the shark back where they drown.

What would happen if jaguars lived in the ''Pacific Ocean''?

They would most likely drown, freeze, get eaten by sharks or die of starvation/dehydration

How long can a shark swim?

Sharks are seven times faster than the finest Olympic swimmer. They can not stop swimming because if they did they would drown.