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Unless the medications needed refrigeration to begin with, or are suppositories, temporary environmental conditions at this range probably do not compromise the effectiveness or stability of most pharmaceuticals.

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Low average temps on Venus?

870 degrees 870 degrees

What are temps in the thermosphere?

2,000 degrees Celsius

What is the Temperature of a radiator?

Radiator temps can vary by engine brand and size. The temps range from 160 degrees up to 195 degrees for passenger vehicles.

What is the weather like in Hawaii in July?

The average temperatures are : April-November the temps. are 75-88 degrees F. December-March the temps. are 68-80 degrees F.

What temps does water melt at?

If its above 32 degrees Fahrenheit or above 100 degrees Fahrenheit

Can loctite 290 be used at temps 300 degrees F?


What is the average temps true for Hawaii in the winter?

60 degrees

What is 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit in celsius and kelvin temps?

98.6 degrees Fahrenheit = 37 degrees Celsius or 310.15 kelvin.

What is the Min and max temps on Venus?

over 900 degrees Fahrenheit

What are the average high and low temperatures for Spain?

the average high and low temps are 32 degrees and 95 degrees

What are the high and low temps of Saturn in Celsius?

-189 - (-139) degrees Celsius

What is psychrophile?

a psychrophile is a extremophile that can survive at temps of about 20 to -10 degrees C

Where is the warmest ocean temperature in Florida in January?

Probably the Florida keys. Water Temps are usually around 70 degrees in the winter. -------------------- Southeast coast. Temps can be 80 or more degrees and rarely fall below 75.

What causes an air conditioner thermostat to not go down below 75 degrees?

outside temps above 100 degrees

Can bedbugs be killed by hot steam?

Yes they die at temps 113 degrees fahrenheit, steam is about 200 degrees fahrenheit.

13 degrees celsius-5 degrees-what is the difference between two temps?

Question: What is the temperature difference between 13 degrees Celsius and -5 degrees? Answer That is 18 degrees.

What kinds of fish can tolarate water temps as low as 68 degrees?

Most fish can tolerate a temperature under 68 degrees.

What is the high and low temps of Alaska?

Highest temperature-100 degrees F. Lowest temperature-minus 80 degrees F.

What is Brett favre's record playing in temps below 32 degrees?

43 and 6

What are the low and high temps in California?

the highest record in California is 110 degrees Fahrenheit.

Do enzymes work faster at higher temps?

up to a point. All chemical reactions work faster at higher temps, but enzymes come apart at high temps. human enzymes (protiens) start to cook at about 106 to 108 degrees.

What are freezing and boiling temps for water?

Zero degrees C= Freezing temperature for water and one hundred degrees C= Boiling temperature for water.

When do large mouth bass start bedding?

In spring, when water temps reach constant 60 degrees.

What forms instead of dew when temps reach 32 degrees Fahrenheit?

Ice crystals or frost.

What are the typical winter temperatures in France?

the typical winter temps. in France are 17-25 degrees Fahrenheit