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Silverfish cannot climb smooth plastic. I caught one in a smooth plastic cup, and it was trapped for days. I don't know if they can climb textured plastic.

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Can silverfish climb?

Yes. One time, I saw a silverfish on my ceiling!

Can silverfish eat metal and plastic?

some plastics but not metal . it eats moss .

Can lizards climb on plastic?


Can caterpillars climb on plastic?

It would all depend on the type of plastic. If it was extremely smooth plastic, then perhaps not, but if the plastic was rougher then a caterpillar would likely find enough purchase to climb.


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Can scorpions climb plastic?

No they can not because its not bumpy and its to slippery for any thing to climb.

How do you get rid of silverfish in a house?

Silverfish are annoying insects.

Can bed bugs climb plastic?

yes bed bugs can climb nearly anything and can even walk upside down on the ceiling they have no trouble with plastic

Where do silverfish live?

Silverfish live on land.

Is an silverfish a fish?

No, a silverfish is a wingless insect.

Which group of animals does the silverfish belong to?

Silverfish are insects.

Does silverfish have feelers?

Yes! Silverfish have a pair of feelers

What animal has a symbiosis relationship with the army ant?

silverfish silverfish

When was Antarctic silverfish created?

Antarctic silverfish was created in 1902.

Is a silverfish an arachnid?

No, they are insects.Common Silverfish Species Lepisma saccharina

How do you climb in Wind Waker?

Go up to a cliff that's high enough for Link to climb, hold up on the control stick, and Link will climb the cliff. To climb blocks, go up to a block that Link can climb, and press A when it has the climb command.

How do you say climb up in Hebrew?

to climb up = alah (עלה)

Are silverfish poisonous?

The Silverfish insects are not poisonous nor do they transmit any diseases .

How can you tell the difference between centipedes and silverfish?

Centipede's bite and silverfish do not bite.

Can you climb up the Gateway Arch?

You can not climb up the arch, but you can take the elevator up to the top.

Can mice climb up stairs?

Yes, mice can climb up stairs.

How do silverfish and army ants interact?

Silverfish and ants live together and share their prey.

Where are silverfish longboard manufactured?

Silverfish isn't a longboard manufacturer, they are a longboarding website/forum.

What do silverfish do on Minecraft?

Silverfish spawn in strongholds, they aren't hard to kill but are very annoying.

Why do silverfish and army ants live together?

Silverfish and army ants have a sommensalistic symbiotic relationship. This is because the silverfish benefit, but the army ants are unaffected. The silverfish consume the detritus left over by the army ants and are afforded protection by their presence.