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Can sleep help you to lose weight?

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It will help you lose weight, by maintianing the right level of energy required to keep your metabolism going. But you won't actually lose weight just by sleeping. If you want to lose weight though, there are some great dieting programs.

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What depression pill will help you lose weight as well?

Usually it you put on weight as you sleep a lot.

Does drinking cold water right before you go to sleep help you to lose more weight?

No, but drinking water throughout the day helps you lose weight.

How do you lose weight in your sleep?


Can you lose weight whilst sleeping?

Actually there is no scientific proof that you lose weight while you sleep. Having a good sleep can help boost the Leptin levels in your body. Leptin is responsible for curbing your appetite and providing you with more energy.

If you sleep a lot do you lose weight?


Do you lose weight when you sleep naked?

No. Weight loss depends on what and how much you eat, and how much you exercise, not what you wear to sleep.

Do you lose weight when you dont get enough sleep?


Does sleep help you lose weight?

no Yes, many hormones are affected by sleep, research on the hormones leptin and ghrelin. Help control the appetite, also the more sleep you get you're more alert and have the energy which will burn more calories.

Does kickboxing help you lose weight?

Any exercise performed on a regular basis will help a person to lose weight.

Does vegetarianism help you lose weight?

Well-planned Vegetarian or Vegan diets have proven to help lose weight.

Does cocoanut oil really help in weight lose?

it does not help lose weight but it helps your skin to become softer

Does advil pm keep you from losing weight?

no it does not make you lose weight ,it makes you sleep

Is it better to breathe in cold air vs hot air when you sleep?

trying to lose weight sleep in cold, trying to gain weight sleep in hot.

Do people who sleep longer lose weight quicker?

Quick answer - No

Will a Pilates Machine help me lose weight?

pilates machine can help you lose weight and tone your body and muscles but you also need to eat healthy that will help you lose weight so eat healthy and workout

Will eating only raw vegetables help you lose weight fast?

Eating raw vegetables alone may help you lose weight fast but they will also bloat. Also if you don't get enough meat or protein in your diet you will lose energy which can make you grouchy and sleep causing you to loss focus. I would personal I wouldn't do it. Lose weight the correct way so you don't hurt yourself.

Will special k cereal help you lose weight?

Yes, it should help you lose weight, if you eat the right amount.

Does volleyball help you lose weight?

Like many physical sports Volleyball will help you lose weight but not very much.

Does jump rope help you lose weight?

If you jump rope enough, it could be a good cardiovascular exercise, and help you lose weight.

Does ACTIVA help you lose weight?


Can Dehydration help lose weight?

no it can not

Do strawberries help you to lose weight?


Does studying help you to lose weight?


Does sage help you lose weight?


Do Statins help you lose weight?


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