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yes, so I hear, it is ok to put other creatures in your anole habitat, just as long as they are similar in size and you have enough space for them all.

so i am 9 years old my name is maria and your anwer is correct because i have 19 lizards in school

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Q: Can small frogs and small green anoles live together in the same habitat?
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Do green anoles like there habitat humid?

yes green anoles love their habitat humid

What animals can live with anole?

green Anoles can live with house geckos, Bahamian Anoles, green tree frogs, long tailed lizards, blue dumpy tree frogs, and Green Frogs

What frogs can live with green anoles?

None, you should NOT mix species.

Can Green TreeFrogs Live With Green Anoles?

Yes. If you have at least a ten gallon terrarium with a tropical or forest setup, you can keep two anoles or an anole and a frog in it. Green anoles do very well with other rather small companions, and that includes green tree frogs.

Can leopard geckos live with green anoles?

No ! Gecko's are desert creatures, while Anoles are forest dwellers. Additionally, Anoles are highly territorial and will fight other lizards who invade their space. The golden rule is - if reptiles are not found together in their natural habitat - they should never be housed together in captivity !

What can live with green anoles?

frogs and toads are able to live with them, and other species of anole depending on the country of origin.

What lizard can live with a green anole?

a long tail lizard, other green anoles, bahman anoles, and curly tailed lizards can live with green anoles.... I've had them all in with green anoles.... they've done great!

Will the green anoles lizard harmful venom to humans?

Green anoles are not venomous or poisonous.

What are some of the dangers to green anoles?

some of the dangers of green anoles are cats and birds.

What is the red Angry Birds habitat?

Its habitat is a dry forest filled with green tree frogs and gigantic grasshoppers.

Do green anoles eat fish?

No, green anoles do not eat fish, because even if it is a small fish, the green anole will probably choke, so i guess if you mean can green anoles eat fish and survive, your answer is NO

How long do green anoles live?

i would say ALMOST approximately 5-10 years. same with the bahaman and also "brown" anole. here in florida, green anoles are called anoles and brown anoles are called lizards. the record for green anoles lift expectency is 16 years.

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