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It is fairly easy to remove smoke damage from textiles such as curtains and removeable coverings (such as a slipcover for a sofa or fabric covering the sofa pillos/cushions). I do not know of anyone who has successfully managed to remove the damage from the "bulk" of a sofa or mattress (the stuffing). Part of the problem is due to the fact that steam cleaning only cleans the surface of the furniture (about 1.5 inches deep) so that over time, the smell begins to seep back out again.

Try placing the sofa or mattress outside in the sunshine. It does help. Have drapes and the like professionally dry-cleaned.

After a fire in our home we washed our clothes at the laundromat with Purex liquid detergent and smoke odors were removed just fine! With our couch and loveseat we put it in our garage to air out then did the Febreze thing and there is no smoke odor at all. We did the same with our mattress. We didn't have anything professionally done, but we are using all the above furniture in our apartment now and it is just fine.

take to a local restoration company and have them ozone it.

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Q: Can smoke damage be successfully removed from textiles upholstered furniture mattresses and the like?
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