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Can smoking cause migraine headaches?

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Migraine is a genetic neurologic disease, it is caused by your genetic makeup. However, an attack can be triggered by smoking.

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Does hcg cause migraine headaches?

Very bad headaches, yes.

Can maltodextrin cause migraine headaches?


Can mold cause migraine headaches?

Mold can set off a migraine. I find no evidence that mold is the primary cause.

What is the most common cause of migraine headaches?

There are many factors that can trigger a migraine headache. Certain foods such as chocolate, dairy and even oranges can cause a migraine. Loud noises as well as certain smells have also been found to cause migraine headaches in certain individuals.

Can milk cause migraine headaches?

Migraine is a genetic neurologic disease. Milk doesn't cause it, however it can be a trigger food for some Migraine patients.

Can headaches cause twitching?

Yes, eye twitching and migraine headaches often occur together. Sometimes eye twitches can be a sign of an impending migraine.

Do migraines commonly cause neck pains?

Migraine headaches have been known to cause neck pain. Neck pain may also precede migraine headaches, thus serving as an indicator of an oncoming attack.

Why avocados give you headaches?

Avocados are high or contain a substantial amount of tyramine which is known to cause migraine headaches.

Why does a full bladder cause increased migraine or headache pain?

Why does a full bladder cause headaches

Does a pulled muscle contribute to a migraine?

Tightness and kinks in the neck can cause headaches.

Does Dilaudid cause headaches?

Dilaudid can sometimes cause headaches. When used for the treatment of a headache or Migraine it can also cause rebound headaches. For diagnosis or treatment of a health concern, please see your physician asap.

Does smoking marijuana cause headaches?

yea it does weeks for me

Can orange juice cause headaches?

Oranges are a well known and common migraine trigger.

Can a head injury cause migraines?

Yes, unfortunately head injury is a frequent cause or trigger of Migraine headaches.

What are the most common causes of migraine headaches?

There are many common causes for migraine headaches. Some of the most common causes for migraine headaches are alcohol, spicy foods, and fruits are some examples.

Does smoking cause headaches?

Yes it can for the simple fact smoking raises your blood pressure

How are migraine headaches classified?

Migraine headaches are classified by the International Headache Society (IHS) as primary headaches, which means that they are not caused by other diseases or disorders.

Can Babesiosis cause headaches and or migraine headache?

Migraine is a primary, genetic neurological disorder, and as such it cannot be a symptom. Babesiosis can however cause other secondary headache types as a symptom, or may even trigger Migraine in susceptible individuals.

Does the equinox cause migraine headaches?

No. Migraine is a genetic, neurologic disease. The cause is usually genetic. Migraine may be triggered by things that can cause a change in the homeostasis of the body/brain however. The equinox is not generally considered to be a migraine trigger, although migraines may be triggered by seasonal changes and weather changes.

Is migraine headaches a cephalagia?

Yes, Migraine headache pain is a cephalalgia.

What are some home remedies for migraine headaches?

Migraine headaches are common, but treatable. Often massaging your temples or resting your head is sufficient enough to remedy migraine headaches. Other stress relieving activates can help such as meditation.

Can migraine headaches cause diarrhea?

Yes. It is listed with other gastrointestinal symptoms such as vomiting and nausea on many websites. Google "migraine" + "diarrhea" to read more about it.

What is a main cause of a migraine headache?

The causes of a migraine headaches have not been identified 100% because it varies for different sufferers. It does seem that too much chocolate and coffee can cause them in many people.

Which is not a contagious illness?

Migraine Headaches

Are Migraine Headaches fatal?

Yes they can be.

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