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Can snails eat fish food flakes?

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Hello my name is Haley land snails eat fruit , egg shells ,leaves and ,stems you can find them in your garden ,at the park ,or after it rains , I know this because i have a pet snail those are foods for his diet. I made sure he was on a good diet so i could have him for a long time. land snails live for about 5 to 10 years if your keeping it as a pet he'll live for about 15 to 17 years unless he gets sick he could die. Snails are females and males so you could breed two snails no matter what their sex.

PS this isn't about the CAN SNAILS EAT FISH FLAKES

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Can outdoor snails eat fish food flakes?

Can outdoor snails eat fish food flakes

What do ramshorn snails eat?

algae, some fish food flakes, (maybe veggies)

What does a sea snail eat?

Sea snails eat alge of rocks and fish food flakes!!! They also eat pellets.

How do you get a minnow to eat fishfood flakes?

When owning a fish it is important to know what they eat. A minnow will eat fish food flakes that are made for it to eat. Make sure the fish flakes are meant for minnow.

What do fish mainly eat?

fish eat fish food you can buy it at petsmart fish food which you can get them in a consistancy of flakes and or pebbles

What does a snail fish eat?

Freshwater snails, including apple snails, trumpet snails and ramshorn snails eat algae and plant material. They eat algae and algae wafers. They eat all freshwater plants including dead plant material and debris. They also eat cucumber and fish flakes.

Can tadpoles eat fish food flakes?


Can freshwater clams eat fish food flakes?


What kind of fish food do salamanders eat?


Do snails eat fishfood?

Snails will eat fish food if they are able to reach it. Fish food should not be their staple food source though, as it is high in protein. Snails prefer algae and algae wafers.

Do goldfish eat baby snails?

no they eat fish food#

What do platy fish eat?

Fish Food, Fish Flakes, dried Blood Worms

Do molly fish eat tropical flakes?

Well if you consider that mollies are tropical fish... then tropical fish food (Flakes) are good yes.

What do tiny fish eat?

tiny food. Cabage or flakes

Do Betta fish eat fish flakes?

no, some other fighting fish eat flakes

Do snails eat betta food?

Yes, snails will indeed eat betta fish food and it will not harm them. Betta food can be purchased at local pet stores.

What do snails put in tanks with fish eat?

Snails usually eat the algae in the tank which is why they are so useful for keeping it clean. If your tank does not have enough algae and other matter for them to eat they will die. Special food is available for tank snails and they also eat fish food.

Can a betta fish eat tropical fish flakes?

It might be able to eat tropical fish flakes

What do under water pet snails eat?

fresh water plants, oxygen weed and fish flakes algee too

What do glofish eat?

Crisps, Flakes, Granules & Pellets. A lot of stores like walmart carry gold fish food. They usually are labeled gold fish food and have pictures of goldfish on them. Flakes are the most common type of food they eat. Youll have to buy fish food from a store, goldfish tend to eat just about any type of fish food.

What type of food does fish eat?

sometime times fish need food such as tetra min flakes. bigger fish need food pellets

What does a goldfish eat?

Tiny flakes of goldfish food.Goldfish eat fish food and sometimes the plants in the water.

Can fish eat anyyhing but fish flakes?

yes they can eat a lot, scrup, crackers, but its better just to give them the fish food

What kind of fish eat tropical flakes?

well Tropicaal fish eat those flakes

Can you feed mosquito fish tetra fish flakes?

yes, most fish that eat fish flakes eat any type i have over 10 types of fish in a tank and they all eat tetra flakes

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