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Can sodium cause iron to rust?


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No, the iron reacts with oxygen to create iron oxide (rust).

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Rust is caused when oxygen reacts with iron.Iron oxide does not cause rust, it is rust.

Sodium chloride is dissociated in water in Na+ and Cl-; the chloride ion has a strong corrosive effect.

Iron will begin to rust after exposure to water. The reaction that happens to cause rust is due to the iron oxidizing.

Yes, saltwater is corrosive for Iron and will cause Iron to rust.

Sodium chloride is dissociated in water in Na+ and Cl-; the chloride ion has a strong corrosive effect.

Rust destroy iron (and many iron alloys) components and structures.

It can. Many juices are acidic, which will cause iron to rust fairly quickly.

No. as rust is caused by the oxidation process of: O2+2H2O+4e = 4OH in sodium hydroxide the hydroxide is already present making it harder to form and therefore making rust harder to form. Sodium hydroxide is a rust inhibitor.

Rust is cause by the oxidation of Iron. Basically, when Iron reacts with Oxygen, Rust is fromed. 2Fe2 + 3O2 ---> 2Fe2O3 (Rust) For this reason, it is only things made out of Iron that can rust. I hope I helped! :)

The cause of iron rust is oxygen and water.

Because Iron has substances such as Hydrogen, Sodium, and Clorine, which makes the metals rust alot quicker then other metals.

Metallic sodium is far more chemically active than iron is. Iron rusts, but sodium reacts rapidly with water to form sodium hydroxide and hydrogen gas.

An oxide. Think Iron Oxide, or rust.

Cause the iron to corrose-oxidize-rust.

The oxygen from water is the oxidizing agent for iron.

Sodium ChorideSodium chloride [NaCl] is salt.You would find it at home in the kitchen.Iron OxideIron oxide [Fe2O3] is rust.You would find it at home anywhere that iron has rusted.

Water and air in combination will rapidly cause iron to rust.

yes and no it will corrode rust but when it dries it will cause rust Sources: Many websites

Rust is usually caused by a reaction known as oxidation, where iron reacts with oxygen to form iron oxide.

Nails rust because of the reaction between iron and oxygen in the presence of water or air moisture. A layer of hydrated iron(III) oxide forms on the outside of the nail with time. The rate of rusting is increased in the presence of sodium chloride or seawater.

Exposure to oxidizers will make iron rust. The most common source of an ozidizer is water, so long term exposure to water will cause rust. Direct exposure to oxidizers such as oxygen or iodine in the air will also do this. Salt absorbs water and so will cause iron to rust if in contact with it.

No they will not get rust they are not iron to get rust. only iron get rust.

Air, iron and water will cause the iron to rust.

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