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Somatrophs are essentially a protein hormones consisting of 191 amino acids and are naturally produced in the pituitary gland. During adolescence, the quantity produced increases and growth of bone, muscle, and cell is accelerated. Therefore making you taller.

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Why does magnets make plants grow taller?

They don't make plants grow taller

Does running make you grow taller?


What effect do magnets have on radish plant growth?

They make them grow taller although in some cases they don't make them grow taller

Does drinking milk make kids grow taller?

Of course not! It helps kids teeth grow strong and their bones be flexible and strong, but not make them grow taller! Cool.

Does yoga help you grow taller?

It won't make you physically grow any taller, no. It will however improve your posture and flexibility, make you sit/stand up straight and appear taller.

Can jumping make you grow taller?

yes it does

Can carrots make you grow taller?


Does oatmeal make you grow taller?

No. Genetics does.

How does swimming make you grow taller?

It doesn't

Does aspirin make plants grow taller?


How much longer will it take for you to grow taller cause you are 5'2'?

Being 5'2" will not make you grow taller, I'm afraid.

Can milk make you grow taller?

no. but it make our bone healthy.

How do you grow taller in just one week?

you cant make your self grow....

Do bread make you grow taller?

No it makes you a fat

Does honey grow hair?

Does salt make you taller...? No..

Does staying on the monkey bars make you grow taller?

No, no it does not.

What sport gets you a taller?

No sport will make you grow taller. Growth is a matter of nutrition and genetics.

How much exercise like push ups and hanging do you need every day to grow taller?

Believe it or not, any form of exercise that you may do will not make you grow taller. Your height for when you are finished growing is predetermined, but can be changed slightly. Certain exercises will not make you grow taller.

If you streth your self and become more flexible will you grow taller?

Absolutely NO!!!!!! There exist nothing that you can do that will make you taller.

Can pudding make you taller?

Yes, pudding can make you taller. I am not sure how and why, but I heard it and looked it up and yes, it makes you taller. Also I had some and I grew, like an inch taller. So if you want to grow taller, eat pudding! :)

Does vascular tissue make trees grow taller?

== == yes it does.

Does bananas make you grow taller?

It can but it also depends on your genitics

Do pull-ups make you grow taller?

Yes it does

Do monster energy drinks make you not grow any taller?


Why do magnets make plants grow taller?

they fertilize the soil

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