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Can somebody be charged with first and second degree murder if they only killed one person?


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Yes. A person can be tried for different murder charges at the same time. A jury can be asked to find the defendant guilty of murder in the 1st degree, 2nd degree, manslaughter, etc.

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You can be charged with murder if there is evidence that you have committed murder - you dont necessarily have to have killed someone - you may be framed. Also, say you are robbing someone and someone is killed in the process, you may be charged with felony murder in it blood?

In most states they are only charged with one count of murder, but sometimes the degree of murder is raised...i.e. First, second, or third degree.

You can be charged with murder if you kill someone in self defense. You killed someone else. That person is dead. The reason could be first degree murder, second degree murder, voluntary manslaughter, involuntary manslaughter, or self defense. In each case, the other person is dead and you killed him. The only difference is your intent. You can be charged with murder in any case. The trial discovers your intent. A number of murder cases have been reversed on appeal because it was obvious to the appeal court that the prisoner acted in self defense. Some prosecutors or cops will not believe you.

There is a general overall charge of Homicide which is what the police will charge you with when you are first arrested, Once it the case goes to the Prosecutor a determination will be made of the charge for whcih you will be prosecuted in court.If you meant to kill them - you will be charged with Murder. In some states there are several degrees of Murder (i.e.: Murder in the 1st Degree or 2nd Degree).If you killed them but didn't mean to (e.g.: as a result of an auto collision) you will be charged with Manslaughter.

he was charged for first degree murder.

First degree murder: premeditated and intentional killing of another, and culpable mental state. Second degree murder: knowingly killed someone.

He will be charged of murder in the first degree. This could bring several different cases of murder in the first degree. Mostly killers are executed but a few get life imprisorment.

He killed Alexander Hamilton in a duel.

When a murder is committed during a felony, accomplices (who do not directly kill) are charged with fourth degree murder.AnswerThe various degrees of a crime vary from state to state. Check the state's statutes for a definition of 4th degree murder.

Sweeney Todd was charged of murder because he killed innocent people with a straight razor

I think it called second degree murder if you know it's happening and dont do anything

Karl Norman Bishop was charged with his murder

Yes, if you killed more than one person. Every death is a sperate offense.

first degree murder is when you almost killed a person and an open count of murder in Florida is you attempted to kill but still commited a crime.

what is second degree murder? what is second degree murder? what is second degree murder? what is second degree murder?

No, Glenn Beck has never been charged with murder.

she's charged with murder. they think she killed goody putnams babies

I'm sure it depends on where you are. In Tennessee, statute 39-13-202 states the penalty for first degree murder is death or life in prison.

Of course you can be charged if you attempt a murder.

In the United States, the difference is premeditation. A first degree murder is a murder that was planned ahead of time, while a second degree murder is a murder that was committed in the heat of the moment. Depending on who the victim is, an unplanned murder can be charged as a first degree murder. For example, killing a police officer usually gets you charged with first degree murder, regardless of whether or not you planned the murder ahead of time. It is also usually considered first degree murder when a murder is committed during the commission of a crime (for example, robbing a convenience store and shooting the clerk), regardless of whether or not the robbery was planned ahead of time. Killing the witness to a crime is also usually considered first degree murder. Also, oftentimes premeditated murders are deal-bargained or pled down to second degree murder, even if they were clearly planned ahead of time. The decision to drop a charge from first to second degree murder is made on a case-by-case basis. First degree carries a longer maximum sentence and in the states that have the death penalty, it may carry that as the punishment.

A person can only be charged with one type of homicide for each person who was killed. If a pregnant woman was killed and the fetus was at least half term, then there are two homicides with which a person can be charged. Vehicular homicide is typically a less serious offense than murder. If evidence exists that the driver purposely ran over an individual with the intent to kill him, and did kill him, the driver can be charged with murder.

it depends on how the person was killed. If they didn't mean to kill the person they could be charged with second degree murder. If they meant to they could go to prison the rest of their lives.

She was charged with first-degree murder and sentenced to life in prison

Yes. She was charged for first-degree murder and is sentenced to life in prison

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