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Can someone describe what New Town is or was and where it was located exactly?


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Roughly from N of Diversey, S of Addison, E. Lake, W Clark or Sheffield.

I have always understood Newtown's borders to be those as stated by the above respondant. It is my understanding that the name Lakeview preceeds Newtown. Newtown finds itself in East Lakeview for the most part. I have been told that the name Newtown came into usage in the 60's as the government funded demolition of old structures and the building of government-funded housing, thus "New-Town". I remember the term was still in common usage in the early 80's when I visited upon occaision as a College student. As the population of young gay professionals increased in the area the name naturally morphed into "boystown", a pejoritive nickname given by young visitors to the neighborhood. (Some of whom I remember to have participated in the neighborhood culture a bit more than they were willing to admit to their Lincoln Park friends...Hmmm.) In the late 80's to mid 90's, enclaves of Boystown were as gay as you could imagine. In the block of Melrose between Halsted and Broadway I remember knowing of a gay resident in almost every building, almost. The name "Newtown" has fallen into disuse and the term "Boystown" is now used and understood by almost anyone living in the city. Realtors and those with property interests have reverted to the neutral name "Lakeview" and often speak of Lakeview in terms of sub regions; Belmont Harbor, East Lakeview, Buena Park, Wrigleyville, West Lakeview, Southport, to name a few.


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