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Q: Can someone else start a restraining order?
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If you have a restraining order on someone can they have someone else contact you on their behalf?

Unless contact of ANY TYPE WHATOSEVER is prohibited by the order, yes, third party contact is permissible.

Can you contact people living with someone you have a restraining order on?

No. A restraining order works BOTH ways. The restrained party cannot contact you, either directly or through someone else. And the same restriction applies to the person who sought the order. Obviously this provision is in place to prevent harassment.

What do you do when the father of your child keeps harassing you?

Get a restraining order. If he has visitation or shared custody you can have someone else drop him off and pick him up.

What happens if you break your restraining order in England Or anywhere else?

(in the US) A restraining order is an order issued by the court. If you disobey/break the court's order you are subject to immediate arrest.See discussion page:

Can an individual file a restraining order against a judge?

not sure if you mean whether or not you can file a restraining order against any judge or a judge you are dealing with in a case. the latter may present some problems whereas the former may be considered a person like anyone else not immune from the application of a restraining order if necessary. To be clear, a restraining order order is a Court order against an individual, which prevents them from having any sort of contact with another individual. You need to have a legitimate reason why you are requesting the restraining order. There are different types of restraining orders but they are typically applied when an individual feels that they are being threatened, stalked, or abused by another so keep that in mind.

What signs mean she is never coming back to you?

She is with someone else. She doesn't return your calls over a period of a month or longer. She drops off a box of your personal effects, or gifts that you have given her on your doorstep. She has a restraining order against you. She calls the police to tell them that you are vioationg the terms of the restraining order every time she drives be your home. She never has anything nice to say about you. she does not speak to you.

What should you do if you like someone and they like someone else?

Start liking someone else

Can your mom get a restraining order on your friend?

Your mom can get a restraining order against anyone a judge sees fit. If she is in reasonable fear for her life, or serious bodily injury to herself or her family she can get a restraining order.Another View: Your mother can REQUEST the issuance of a restraining order if she can convince a judge that the persopn she is requesting the order against, is a danger or a harmful influence on you, or her. As you parent she is in charge of your health, safety and actions, and anything else that she believes might be harmful to you.

My ex is dating someone else but he physically won't let me move on by showing up at house if I ignore his calls and telling me he just doesn't want to be with me right now how do i make it stop?

get a restraining order from court house

How do you get rid of a restraining order?

First, determine whether it is a spousal protection order or a harrassment order. The protection order is taken out against someone you've had an intimate relationship with. The harrassment order can be taken out against anyone else who harrasses you or stalks you, if you have evidence. Second, if you didn't win when you get the 1 week notice to make it final, or you didn't show up, you have an upward battle. You definitely need a lawyer experienced in appealing restraining orders here. There are no forms with the Court to do it yourself and you'd never win by yourself.

How can you be happy if the one you loves is with someone else?

Forget about the love of someone else and start loving yourself!

How can you tell if a girl is using you or someone else?

You know when a girl is using you when they get closer to you and start talking to someone else...then ditch you.

How do you get rid of a annoying mate?

Find her/him someone else or start hanging around with someone else and they'll probably take the hint.

Why did slaveary start?

To have someone else do their work for them, free.

What do you do if a certain someone is stalking you?

- Let them know it bothers you and ask them to stop - If the situation persists ask again, more firmly. - I would personally get someone else to warn them (an older brother, partner, parent etc...) without making threats. - Take police action and get a restraining order.

Can you cash a money order already made out to someone else?

Yes. A money order made out to someone else and cashed by another would be considered a 'third party money order'. A 'third party money order' is a money order that is written to one person and endorsed to another, or cashed by someone other than who the money order is written to. It is possible to cash a money order made out to someone else, however, most companies do not like to cash money orders or checks such as these.

Can you cash a money order you already made out to someone else?

can I cash a money order if its already filled out with someone else name on it can they endorse it over to me the back hasn't been endorsed

Can a soon to be ex spouse get a no contact order preventing you from dating or living with your girlfriend?

No. A spouse or ex spouse cannot get an order to prevent you from seeing someone else. They could get a no contact order to keep you away from them but not someone else.

What should you do in order to move on?

Best way to get over someone is to get under someone else!

How can I legally mess with someone else's life?

Yes you can to a certain point. You can joke around and insult someone but once you start thieving and messing with someone's property it becomes illegal. You can start a rumor about someone though

Can i deposit into my account a money order made to someone else?

If the 'somebody else' has signed the back with 'pay to the order of xxx' and then signs their name.

What if your ex wont leave you alone so you can date someone else?

Have a friend with you and confront your ex and tell them the relationship is over and he is not to bother you again. If he pursues the issue then have a restraining order put on him; although it isn't worth the paper it is written on it may put a scare into him. If he still persists then have the police charge him for stalking.

When did the martial arts start?

The first time someone shared a technique or method of fighting with someone else.

Do you start a new line when someone else is talkingin a story?


Why are guy friends rude when you start dating someone else?