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"Some people can fall in love in a day...

But other people can take a life time.."

D.W. Griffin

Yes you can. Some people are in "love" with love. They are romantics and it can often get them into trouble. They search for love so hard that they miss their cues in life. Falling in love takes longer than you think. First it is usually physical attraction (beauty is in the eye of the beholder) and then you build your relationship up from there.

If you just started living together or just got married there can be a period of adjustment and you wonder why you did it. Give it time and don't be too quick to jump out of the relationship. Once you leave, you hurt the other person, and you could also cheat yourself out of a great relationship.

Love really can't be defined and never has been since man was created. Here are some tips to what love should be:

Usually happy and excited to see that person walk in after a days work.

Worry about the person if they are late getting home.

They make you laugh and you have fun together.

You can talk about anything to each other.

You support each other 100% and share your hopes and dreams with each other.

These are just a few things that I think love is all about. To put it to the point ... when that person walks into your life and makes you light up like a Xmas tree, can get you laughing, and you are proud to walk beside them then it's love.

I think that if you can fall IN love in a matter of days, which you can, you can just as easily fall out of love in the same way. For many people, love is about the excitment and discovery of a relationship. WHile they really are genuinely in love, the foundation of that love can sometime be fallible - something that goes away, and fast. Love that lasts is based on more than the excitement and immediate passion of a relationship.

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Q: Can someone fall out of love in a matter of days?
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