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The only way someone can be arrested for driving a car when the bank wants to repo it is if it is reported stolen. The bank must report repo action to police or court before this can call stolen. Most bank will report to police or court for repo action. This will let police know that it not stolen by repo. Most bank do not want to report to police or court. It involame alot of money (impound cost by police, towing fee with police, court cost, filing fee, court fee, etc). Bank hire repro is cheaper then report to police or court. I am not sure what the complication would be if you were trying to register it again after a couple of years though. But from my experience, do not park the vehicle anywhere near your house where iti can be seen. Repomen are always on the hunt, and if they see your car at anytime, then they are goign to be quick to try and get it.

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Q: Can someone get arrested if caught driving a car if they are three months behind on payments and the bank is looking for it?
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