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I don't know if they can get by with this or not, but if it's the type of emails I'm thinking about, they provided a great story about someone dying and leaving a bunch of money that they want to give to you. Whatever information you and your sister provided to them will most likely be used to steal money from your accounts. You need to contact every institution that you gave information about and let them know what the situtation is. DO IT NOW! ~Deb~

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What is remittance of funds?

Remittance of funds can mean a lot many things, predominantly sending of money, transfer of money from one person (or account) to another person (or account). The word remittance is most used for cross-border money transfer when it comes to migrant workers and them sending money from their host country back to their country of origin for purposes of family maintenance.

How do you get your question off WikiAnswers and or cancel your account?

A user account can be closed by sending an email to There is no ownership of questions. They remain on the site for the information of other users.

How long will it take to wire transfer internationally?

A telegraphic transfer can usually be done within 24 hours bank to bank PROVIDED all payment information is provided correctly and in full and the bank that is to do the transfer actually does it straight away, delays in telegraphic transfers being received can usually be traced to incorrect information and/or banks that are incompetent and /or slow in sending off the transfer

What is uploading information?

Sending information to a host computer

How does one transfer music files to another person on the internet?

One can transfer music files to another person on the internet by attaching it onto an email and sending it to the person or sending a link to them from an instant messenger.

How are funds wired from one bank to another?

Say your bank is B1, and the bank the money is coming from is B2. B2 has to ask permission from B1 if a wire transfer is acceptable. B2 then has to send the account information to B1. Account info is: account number, and routing number, Clients full name as it appears on the account, verify that the name on the account matches the name they have. Then when all verification has been approved they receive a direct deposit in the form of a wire transfer. The bank must also have the receiving bank's physical address and phone number. It's like sending a western union, without having to worry about the extensive paper work, or the extreme fees. Sometimes banks do charge a wire transfer fee, it just depends on the kind of account you have. Wire transfers are safe and accountable. If something happens it is traceable. There is always a paper trail.

What must be done while sending PII or other sensitive information over a computer?

The information must be encrypted before sending it.

How do you advertise on Twitter?

By making an account for your business and then sending tweets about it.

How do you delete your Superbia account?

ask them to deactivate it by sending them a email

How do you transfer money from Australia to TD Canada Trust Edmonton Alberta?

You call the TD Bank and ask them what is their swift code and aba code for their bank in New York City. Then , you inform the bank sending the money to TD Bank what the address of the TD Bank is in New York City. Then you write the account number into which the money is to be deposited, that is, the account number of the person to whom you are sending the money, along with the branch number of the TD Bank where the account is located. It is important that all these details be enclosed in the letter that instructs the bank sending the money. Any detail missing or incomplete will delay the transfer. Hope everything goes well for you. It usually takes 2-3 days once the money has been sent out.

Where can I get information on sending my employees through truck driving training?

If you are looking for more information on where can you get information on sending my employees through truck driving training, the best place to look is on

Someone has hacked my msn account they have not changed anything but are sending spams to my friends?

you just need to close that account

How do you delete your account on superbia?

ask them to deactivate it by sending them an e-mail

How do wireless modems access information?

By sending information without using wires.

What is another word for transmitting information?

Sending Information from one thing to another

What protocol is used for sending e mail?

SMTP - simple mail transfer protocol

How do you create a Gmail account for a kid?

Gmail account can be created for anyone. This account deals with sending and receiving mails. You need to fill in the details in order to create the gmail account.

Which bank is sort code 16-00-15?

The sort code 16-00-15 belongs to The Royal Bank of Scotland. This sort code is necessary in order to conduct a bank transfer to The Royal Bank of Scotland, along with the account number for the account you're sending money to.

Did the Nazis take the Jewish peoples skills into account before sending them to camps?


What does phish stand for?

phishcommit fraud to get financial information: to trick somebody into providing bank or credit-card information by sending a fraudulent e-mail purporting to be from a bank, Internet provider, etc. asking for verification of an account number or password

How do you delete your xxxcupid profile?

The only thing that you can do is sending them an email and ask them to delete your account because there is no option ''delete" in account settings.

What is a sending unit on 1986 ford pickups?

Any sensor that sends information to the computer or driver, such as fuel sending unit, oil pressure sending unit, etc.

Can you make a transfer to another bank?

there. In order to get your funds from Bank_A to Bank_B there are multiple options. First, you can do a wire transfer from your Bank_A to Bank_B. Your Financial Institution (FI) that is originating the transaction may charge you a fee to conduct the transfer; ask them how much if would cost to do a domestic wire transfer ( if the other FI is local or residing in the same country); if you are sending the funds outside of the originating FI's country then it would be considered a foreign wire transfer (which is usually more expensive). In order to conduct a domestic wire transfer you must have the receiving FI's nine digit routing number and the account number of the person to whom you're sending the money to along with their full name, address, and perhaps telephone number. Atleast in the USA you need this peticular information. Please consult with your FI for further information.To do a foreign wire transfer you must have, again, the receiving person's personal information as stated for domestic transfers, along with the name of their FI, the location of their FI, along with the SWIFT number (like a routing number), and the receiver's account number. The SWIFT number is not required in all cases. If you are making a foreign wire transfer and it requires your currency to be converted to another form you may encounter a currency conversion fee from one or both FIs.If your transfer is submitted before 3:45 pm EST it should hit the domestic bank (USA) the same day; foreign banks, however, have different regulations about the receiving of wire transfers and different processing times so funds availability could vary.That's the basics. Please consult with your FI for further information.

Sample letter to close credit card account?

When sending a close a credit card account, you need to include your name, address and account number. You also need to include reason for closing the account.

What are sending and receiving devices in computer?

a device which sends any information in the form of data or pictures is called sending devices