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Q: Can someone give you a all pokeballs actionreplay code for Pokemon emerald with an m code?
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How do you get pokeballs at the beginning of Pokemon heart gold If someone can answer great but if you have a glitch for pokemon heart and gold pokeballs please answer me please I will try all answers?

Your friend Lyra will give you some and after that you have to buy your own at the shop

Can you catch Eevee in Pokemon emerald?

no, you get it from someone and can breed them

Can you battle with someone who has Pokemon ruby even though you have Pokemon emerald?


Can someone help get a sixth Pokemon in Pokemon Emerald?

Yes, someone can help get a sixth Pokemon in Pokemon emerald. Swellow is a good Pokemon for flying types. Even though they are hard to train, dragon Pokemon make an excellent sixth Pokemon as they are "extra" but very powerful.

How do you recruit team members on Pokemon?

Depending on which version of the game is being played, the player will encounter an event near the beginning where someone, usually the Pokemon professor or the player's rival, will give the player some Pokeballs. These Pokeballs can be used to capture new Pokemon for your party.

Where can you find treeko in Pokemon emerald?

you must pick it as your starting Pokemon or trade someone who did

How do you get the ticket to Birth island in Pokemon?

You can only get it in pokemon emerald or by trading records with someone who has it!:) !

Can you catch the reggis on Pokemon FireRed?

No.But you can trade it with someone who has it in Pokemon Emerald,Ruby, or Sapphire.

What level does Abra evolve at in Pokemon emerald?

you have to send Abra to someone

How do you get Bulbasaur in Pokemon Emerald?

By trading with someone who has it in FireRed/LeafGreen.mAvOoP

How do you trade Graveler in Pokemon Emerald?

Get a link cable and someone else with emerald and go upstairs in the poke center

How do you get torchick on emerald if you start with mudkip?

You can't! You'll have to trade with someone, as in Emerald, you can only have one of the three starter pokemon.

Serf on Pokemon Emerald?

You beat Leader Norman, then someone gives you surf.

Can you get Espeon in pokemon emerald?

no only with the gamshark if someone says you can thare lying

When does a Machoke evolves in Pokemon Emerald?

U have 2 trade it with someone and get it back

How do you get Zangoose in Pokemon Emerald?

Zangoose is only found in Pokemon Ruby, which means you have to trade it from Ruby or from someone who has one.

How can you find surskit in Pokemon emerald?

It isn't possible to obtain a wild one in Emerald. You have to trade with someone (or youself) with a Ruby or Sapphire

How do you trade Pokemon in Pokemon Emerald in the Pokemon center?

have a gba cable,go to the top floor,go to third counter,push "trade center" and have someone else with Pokemon Emerald,Ruby,Sapphire then trade. "but will save before entering."

Where do you get rock smash in Pokemon Emerald?

Someone has it in Mauvill who lives next to the bike shop.

Where is Charmander on Pokemon Emerald?

You cannot get it unless you trade with someone who has it in FireRed/Leafgreen. mAvOoP

Where to get machoke in Pokemon Emerald?

catch a machop the evolve it. To evolve it again trade it with someone.

In Pokemon Emerald which trainer has got Wigglytuff?

could someone answer the freakin' question!? Thank you!

How do you get mud kip in Pokemon Emerald?

in the beginning choose it or trade it from someone who has already chosen it

Where can you get regiice on Pokemon pearl?

you can't. trade with someone who has a ruby, sapphire, or emerald version

In Pokemon emerald can you get Groudon?

you cannot find and battle him the only way you can get him is by trading him with someone