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You can probably find one on game shark you just have to make sure you type in Nintendogs Dalmation and Friends

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โˆ™ 2010-10-17 02:20:31
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Q: Can someone give you an Action Replay code that will allow you to breed two of your dogs on Nintendogs Dalmatian and Friends?
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Is there an action replay code for nintendogs dalmatian and friends that makes your dogs adults?


This morning when you turned on your DS to play Nintendogs Dalmatian and Friends but your kennel was empty you are a user of Action Replay can someone help you?

You gotta restart, sry.Poor dogs.

Do Nintendogs ever become adults?

Yes you can on nintendogs Dalmatian and friends. There is an action replay code. You can look it up on this website and it should say so.

What is an action replay cheat code for infinite cash for the game Nintendogs dalmatian and friends?

The code to have infinite cash is: 021A72EC 3B9AC9FF

Is there a short action replay cheat to get all items on Nintendogs dalmatian and friends on the Europe version?

I know one for American only though. Sorry

Is your action replay supposed to make all the kennel dogs on nintendogs Dalmatian and friends disappear?

Yes, unfortunately.In Memory Of The Dog Breeds That Disappeared From The Kennel Place.:_(

Is there a cheat other than the code junkies action replay cheat for max trainer points for Nintendogs dalmatian and friends?

Try or supercheat hope i help

How do you activate the all breeds unlocked ar code on nintendogs dalmatian and friends?

don't even use action replay. it will ruin your game and you will have to buy a new one. trust me it ruined mine.

How do you get all the items on dalmatian and friends?

i suggest you get an action replay.

Is there an action replay cheat for Nintendogs best friends?

Sorry, but no

Where can you enter a code on Nintendogs dalmatian?

There is no place to enter a code. The cheat code things are for Action Replay. Action Replay is not recommended because it glitches the game.

Is there action replay code for dalmatian and friends infinite cash?


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