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Can someone help me my wireless internet works for my Nintendo ds and why wont it work for the Nintendo wii?

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September 12, 2011 3:57PM

Be sure you've set up your Wii in System Settings. Click the

bottom-left circular Wii icon and go into Wii Settings, then find

"Internet." I won't hold your hand through it, it should be simple

enough to figure out from there.

I have a Wii and the internet is up and running perfectly.

sometimes however, it says that it can not connect. when this

happens, i wait a few seconds, then try agin. It should work. if

this does not work three times in a row, your wireless intenet

thing is busy. maby someting else in ;your house is using it. most

wireless conneters can have two - four usages at once. if this

fails, then the wii might be too far away from the connector. check

the details about the connector.if your wii is with in that range,

it should work. If all this fails, call Nintendo for help. p.s.,

there is nothing you have to plug into your wii to make it connect,

that is built in. Hope i helped

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