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Can someone open a credit card account using your social security without your permission?

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They could but it is illegal without your permission.

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2020-10-23 15:12:17
no that is illegal and wrong shame on you

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The bank can just close your account without writing to you

yes, it is a violation of Homeland Security laws if someone uses your address without permission, because your address is a very personal and private thing, and must be asked for permission to use it, because once in the hands of someone else, it can travel anywhere and who knows who could then know your address. SOURCE: Stuff i've read and my knowledge

Contact Blizzard Support. They should be able to restore the account for you if you have the account information. You can be honest about the deletion and tell them someone else deleted it on you without your permission.

no it can't cause that is you account not somebody else

a truant is someone who stay away from school without permission. a truant is someone who stay away from school without permission.

Yes, but they can't use it without your permission.

Yes, you can. Only if you have their email address and password, however I do not recommend logging into someone else's personal account.

Legally, in most cases, yes. Ethically, no, not without permission.

No one can write a check on any checking account that does not have them as a signer. If their name is not on the account it is called fraud. If their name is on the account a check can be written without permission, even if you are the main signer

No. However, if your account got hacked and someone bought the points without your permission, then contact Microsoft about it.

yes you can you can sue someone if they tape you or use your voice without their permission. hope i helped. 8 years lawyer.

No. It is your account and the bank cannot move funds from one account to another without your approval or rather without you asking them for it.

I have the same problem, itunes has a song of mine which they are selling without permission

It is called a forgery. It is illegal to use someone else's social security number and identity to open a bank account without their knowledge. It is a crime and you or anyone who indulges in such activity can be jailed for doing so.

Identity theft is a crime in most jurisdictions. It can also constitute fraud.

Hacking without permission will always be illegal.