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They could but it is illegal without your permission.

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no that is illegal and wrong shame on you
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Q: Can someone open a credit card account using your social security without your permission?
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What can you do if someone is logging into your yahoo or facebook account without permission?

Change your passwords.

How much trouble can you get in when you used someone else business account without their permission?

you can get in a wholeleap of trouble

Can a bank close your checking or savings account without your permission?

Yes. Just as you can close it without their permission.

Can you record someone without their permission?


What do you do when someone signs your name on a document without your permission?

Yes without youre permission

Can a debtor take money out of your account without your permission?


How do you do when my WOW account is hacked?

Contact Blizzard Support. They should be able to restore the account for you if you have the account information. You can be honest about the deletion and tell them someone else deleted it on you without your permission.

What is another word for using without permission?

That actually depends upon what it is that you are using. If you use someone's car without permission, that is called stealing. If you use someone's movie without permission, that is called piracy. If you use someone's body without permission, that is called rape.

Is it a violation of Homeland Security laws when someone uses your address without permission?

yes, it is a violation of Homeland Security laws if someone uses your address without permission, because your address is a very personal and private thing, and must be asked for permission to use it, because once in the hands of someone else, it can travel anywhere and who knows who could then know your address. SOURCE: Stuff i've read and my knowledge

Can you use someone's else id and social security card to open an account in your name without you knowing?


Can an account be repened without your permission?

no it can't cause that is you account not somebody else

If someone takes your photo without your permission is this legal?

Yes, but they can't use it without your permission.

What is a truant?

a truant is someone who stay away from school without permission. a truant is someone who stay away from school without permission.

Can someone sign someone else's signature without their permission?


Can you log into someones personal email account without their permission?

Yes, you can. Only if you have their email address and password, however I do not recommend logging into someone else's personal account.

Can someone request your birth certificate without your permission?

no only if you give them the permission

Can a wife take money out of her husband's bank account without his permission?

Legally, in most cases, yes. Ethically, no, not without permission.

How do you hack unlimited internet connection?

To hack an unlimited Internet connection would require finding someone with an unlimited account. Then, you have to break their password if it is protected. To hack into someone's Internet account without permission is illegal.

Can a girlfriend write a check on your account without your permission. She is saing that she had my permission to which she did not Police are telling me that it is going to be a civil matter.true?

No one can write a check on any checking account that does not have them as a signer. If their name is not on the account it is called fraud. If their name is on the account a check can be written without permission, even if you are the main signer

How do you delete Microsoft points when i didnt buy them?

No. However, if your account got hacked and someone bought the points without your permission, then contact Microsoft about it.

Is it legal to take picture and record voices in someone else's home without permission in TN?

Not without their permission.

Can someone trademark YOUR copyrighted design?

Not without your permission.

Can someone trademark YOUR copyrighted logo?

Not without your permission.

Is it illegal for a bank to reopen a customer's account without permission?


What do you do when someone enters your property and gets attacked by your dog?

has entered with permission or without permission ?