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Q: Can someone ostracize themselves
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What part of speech is ostracize?

Ostracize is a verb

Does ostracize mean include?

Quite the opposite.os·tra·cize/ˈästrəˌsīz/Verb1. Exclude (someone) from a society or group.

What does Ostracize mean in romeo and Juliet?

Shakespeare did not use the word ostracize so you must be thinking of someone else's Romeo and Juliet. Ostracize is a word meaning to banish, deriving from the ancient Greek custom in Athens where the citizens could vote (by writing on bits of broken pottery called ostrakoi, hence "ostracize") to banish one of the citizens from the city as a punishment. "Banish" is of course a word that Shakespeare actually did use in his play Romeo and Juliet.

What is a sentence that has the word ostracize?

Do not ostracize Molly from your circle of friends just because she has braces and ugly pigtails.

What is a sentence using the word ostracize?

The Klu Klux Klan would ostracize any member who defended an African American. The faculty was known to ostracize any professor who opposed the popular dean.

What is the verb form of ostracism?


How can you use ostracize in a sentence?

A mom could tell her son, "Dont ostracize your brother!" as in dont leave him out and make sure he is included

What does ostracize mean?

To be "ostracized" means to be totally shunned by those around you. You "cease to exist". Everyone ignores you, they walk past you as if you aren't there. If you interject into a conversation with other people, it is not acknowledged - it is as if you are invisible. You become what George Orwell called a "non-person".

Where god did ostracize come from?

Great Britten and New York

What is the literal meaning of ostracize?

It comes from the Greek word ostrakhoi, which means potsherds. Greeks used to vote on whether to banish someone from the city by casting ballots made from broken pots.

A quite shy person?

SomeOne That Keeps Themselves To Themselves

Is ostracize a verb?

Yes, it is a verb. It means to shun, set apart, or to exile, banish.