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No, not legally anyway. A credit card account is a contract between the card issuer and the person(s) named on the account. Therefore, only the issuer or the account holder can close the account for reasons as specified in the original agreement. Anyone wishing to close an account belonging to another person would need to obtain a POA or court approved conservatorship. Any person(s) who w/o legal authority tampers with another person's financial dealings can be charged with numerous violations of federal and/or state laws. In most instances that would include a spouse and parent(s) of a child who is of legal age.

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What permission and licenses are required to establish a bread company in India?

ashipunabjimananikra licence

A cardholder forms a relationship with a local company?


When making a purchase a cardholder was recently informed by the merchant that the purchase card account has been suspendedwho should the cardholder contact to address this matter?

The cardholder should contact the card company.

A cardholder forms a relationship with a local company to making purchases with no receipts found to support the purchase, and the amount of purchases from this company exceeds the normal expenditures?

cardholder fraud

What permission and license is required to start pen company?

That depends on where you are starting the company. The requirements vary from country to country, state to state, and even city to city.

Can a homeowner association legally fine an owner because the management does not like the color of his house?

Review your governing documents to determine what is required before painting a house. If permission is required and permission was granted, this is evidence that you can use to defend the colour of your house. The management company has no say in exterior colours -- the board may have a list of 'approved' colours. If permission is required and no permission was asked for or granted, you may be required to re-paint your house. If permission is not required, you can ask the association to pay to re-paint your home, once they approve colours, or you can ask that your current paint job be 'grandfathered in'.

Why do tv shows cover up company logos?

Often they're required to pay in order to have permission to display that company's logo.

What practices by a credit card company results in lower interest charges to the cardholder?

The card company allows a grace period before interest is accrued.

Can a company charge your credit card without permission?

No, a company can not charge a credit card without permission. This violation should be reported immediately to your credit card company.

What company gave the pilgrim permission to settle in their new territory?

Virginia Company (: - seudina.

Can an employer reveal my wages to another company if I have not given permission?

If you filled out an application for a job, you signed a paper giving them permission to inquire about you. No other permission is needed.

How do you get a hatena id without faxing?

You email the signed permission to the company. There email address is at the bottom of the permission slip.

How a marketing company can get permission for doing insurance of united India insurance company's insurance?

Usually by requesting permission.

Who could I ask for permission if I want to use a picture from a company for a school club shirt design?

You would need permission from that company, or from the photographer, depending on how their agreement was written. Approaching the company in writing is a good first step.

If a company is in chapter 11 do they need permission from the court to approve pay increases?

Generally yes. They need permission to do just about anything and everything. The permission is generally granted in broad terms...."pay all vendors, including utilities, consultants, etc., etc., that are required to keep the standard operations.....using funds available from post petition revenue..."

Can a female work at a garbage company?

Yes the women is able to work anywhere, with the permission of her husband, if she is not married then the permission of her guardian

How do I get permission to make videos on YouTube for video games?

You have to get permission from the video game company before you can publish your videos on YouTube.

Can you use the land under power lines for garden?

If it is your land, yes. If it is a power company right-of-way, then special permission will be required. In some situations, the power company will let you use this land for gardens. This keeps them from having to spend money to keep it cleared. You can contact the power company for rules involved in this.

What was the name of the company that was given permission to establish a settlement in the region called Virginia?

The London Company which was later named the Virginia Company.

Was given permission by James you to settle and trade in Virginia?

The Virginia Company of London (otherwise known as the London Company), under the leadership of Bartholomew Gosnold, was given permission by James I of England to settle and trade in Virginia. This company was a subsidiary of the larger Virginia Company that also owned the Plymouth Company that settle Massachusetts.

What do you have to create if you want to record a website that you visit frequently?

First you must get permission to access the sites private or "owner only" information for the site which will be hard to obtain unless you are with a well known company also IF you get permission to record the site you frequently visit then you also might be required to pay a nominal fee

Document giving permission to start a colony?

The Virginia Company Charter

The was given permission by James you to settle and trade in Virginia?

London Company

Who gave permission to East India company to trade in India?


Can a company be an director of a company?

No, directors are required to be human beings.