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Usually a printer can only use one type of ink, however you can look on the manufacturer's website to find what cartridges are compatible with your specific printer.

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A low printer toner cartridge will produce poor page quality from a laser jet printer. It is best to have a replacement cartridge on hand so this can be immediately tended to. When shopping for a replacement toner cartridge, the printer’s owner must consider how much they can spend. Personal or company budget compared with overall needs will ultimately dictate what type of replacement is used. Listed below are the four basic options available when searching for a replacement printer toner cartridge. 1. Original Equipment Manufacturer Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) toner cartridges are included when buying a laser jet printer. Someone very happy with the quality and longevity of the first cartridge may want to purchase the same one again. This is almost always the most expensive option when buying a toner cartridge. However this choice offers the most customer piece of mind after purchase. 2. Compatible Cartridges A compatible toner cartridge is produced by a different manufacturer than the printer and generally sold under a generic brand name. Buying a compatible cartridge can be half the cost of an OEM. These cartridges are made with the same parts and can deliver the same performance as an OEM. A downside of compatibles is that a buyer must take extra steps to ensure they are dealing with a reputable company. 3. Recycled Cartridges Many empty printer toner cartridges are sent back to a manufacturer and recycled. The recycling process involves cleaning the cartridge, replacing certain parts and refilling the toner. A recycled cartridge, also know as remanufactured, will also offer the customer significant savings over purchasing an OEM. However, a buyer must be sure the company recycling toner cartridges is adhering to all quality control standards 4. Toner Refill Kits The cheapest option when dealing with printer toner cartridge replacement is a refill kit. This allows customers the ability to refill their own cartridge with more toner and continue using the same one. Although money is saved using a refill kit, the person doing the task must be sure to completely follow all directions. Improper cartridge refilling can lead to wasted resources or create a potential safety hazard.

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Many times, a search for a printer is not just about the printer itself. Shoppers are often looking for accessories. These can be the accessories that will come along with the specific printer they buy. Or they could be focusing on the compatible accessories that can be purchased to enhance Most printer purchases will include the basic start up component for operating the printer. Included will sometimes be connective cables and an initial cartridge of ink, generally black. Sometimes though, cables and wires have to be purchased separately. So, in the decision to buy a printer, shoppers also end up considering the expense of accessories as It is important to consider the purpose for which you need your printer before buying accessories. Some shoppers are only going to use their printer at home and not on a regular basis. Some others will be looking for a printer that can be portable. Depending on your need, accessory purchases may be very different. Some additional products, like wireless flash drives and surge protectors, can be purchased for the average printer. Both of these items range in price and can be searched for through bargain shopping. If your need for a printer is more of the mobile reasoning, then you will be looking for These products are all about making a printer functional on the road. In fact, some shoppers may need to use their printer right inside their car, making batteries and chargers are very important. These users may also need things like adapters to ensure that they can use their printer at a moment's notice. When purchasing for mobile use, it is wise to find a good carrying case for your printer. Mobile printers are generally small, and therefore can be stored in a smart case. This purchase will make sure your printer is safe For those who are on a strict budget, it is a good idea to bargain shop for your accessory choices.

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If you are setting up a home office for your small business, it's important to select a printer that is both affordable and reliable. An HP printer is an excellent investment on both counts. Whether you need a budget friendly office jet or whether your business relies on high quality printing of photos that comes with an HP photo printer, you will appreciate the long life and the quality service of this brand. It's helpful to evaluate your budget for tech tools. If it's possible, look for a bundled deal that includes an HP printer so that you can obtain additional savings in your purchase. It's also helpful to watch for heavy sales periods as discounts are more frequent and more valuable.

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