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It's Marcy and I don't usually post on top, but wanted you to see my reply. I actually owe you an apology because the 2 posts left on the board (one of them being mine) were confusing and left you feeling as if it was you were thought had the drinking problem. I didn't think you were rude at all and know that you were exasperated over your nephew. I have a nephew that does drugs and I had to finally walk away (he's 28.) So I certainly could undestand your frustrations and wanting to help. If you want to post a question again you can simply click on your question once it's on the board and leave further details. Some people do this and it sure helps with a complicated matter. You weren't expected to know this. I am so sorry you and your sister are having to watch this young man kill himself. This is a dirty trick (and can be risky) but if you and your sister get together and provoke him enough he may strike out and this is when you can call the police. I would first phone the doctor and see if he could "pink slip" your nephew (that's what it's called in Canada. This means once your nephew is arrested he could be put into a psychiatric ward and the doctor can "pink slip" him and keep him there long enough to perhaps start detox. There is no guarantee, but I have no idea what else you could do. I'd give it a go. If you need any further help please feel free to post again and we'd be happy to do some research or give our opinions. God Bless Hope it turns out! Thanks a lot for your research and help, Marcy. I'm sorry if I sounded rude when I posted before, I certainly didn't mean it that way at all (sometimes it's hard to convey tone through e-mail I guess). I know you guys were trying to help. I just didn't want anyone misunderstanding, thinking I was the one drinking with a serious illness. Plus this site only lets you post a question in one sentence, so it was impossible to know all the details of this situation. But I truly appreciate all your help! Just as an update, my sister finally let the cardiologist in on what my nephew is doing, and I did finally get a definite answer to my question- no, he won't survive. When the doctor found out what was going on, he warned my nephew that in his condition, there is absolutely no way he will live if he keeps drinking. So now my sister is looking into some sort of forcible rehab, b/c that's really the only chance he has since he can't seem to stop on his own. So we'll see, but thank you again for your help!!! God bless. I am the original poster of this question, and I think you guys who responded misunderstood what I was asking. My 25-year old nephew has viral cardiomyopathy, and is under the care of a cardiologist and is taking all of his meds for this illness. This question was supposed to be for people who have some medical knowledge, so if you don't even know that this disease is then don't bother posting a response. It is a very serious, often fatal disease; my nephew has a 50% chance of getting better, IF he takes all of his meds and does what the doctor says. However, he drinks a lot, is basically an alcoholic, and will not quit drinking despite his condition. He's depressed and doesn't seem to care all that much if he lives or dies, and is so addicted that he just can't seem to stop drinking; he basically needs rehab. I posted b/c I wanted the opinion of a DOCTOR, or at least someone who knows what this illness even IS. I wanted to know if there is any way at all he could possibly improve when he's drinking every day, even though he is still taking his meds and watching his sodium intake. He seems to be following his doctor's instructions on everything except the drinking. I was wondering if there's any hope left for him at all, with his current situation, and also how long would he survive if he doesn't quit the drinking? (rough estimate is all I'm asking for on that last question). Hopefully now that I've clarified this question, someone with some medical knowledge can provide some insight on his chances. I am the person that posted that you already know the answer regarding the intake of large quantities of alcohol when your nephew has Cardiomyopathy and I am well aware of this disease although not a nurse or doctor. There is nothing on this board that states there are medically trained personnel and these are only opinions of possibly other people suffering from heart disorders or an opinion. We are here to do research for those that can't. No matter what the case each person who posted IS trying to help you. I have no doubt you are very exasperated and worried over your nephew and when I made my post I am VERY well aware of what you are going through because my husband suffers from Atrial Fibrillation and I know what his Internist said to him about drinking (thank heavens he isn't a big drinker and only has the odd wine.) I know it leaves you feeling upset and I have no doubt you can't control this situation with your nephew and feel useless. He's an adult and can do as he pleases. The news he received certainly hasn't helped his situation and it sounds as if he is depressed. Again I say YES this is cause for concern and I am giving you more information taken off a medical website so you can understand it a little better in regards to your nephew drinking. Dilated cardiomyopathy has another name and that

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