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Under the bonnet there is a fuse bow near the bulkhead. Fuse number 63 is central locking. Its a 20 amp fuse.

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Q: Can someone tell me where the fuse is located for the central locking system on the Ford Focus?
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Do all Ford Focus have central locking?

All Ford vehicles have a central locking system that were manufactured after 1993. The Ford focus has always had the central locking system.

Why is the central locking system not working?

Try changing the fuse

How do you fix central locking system on Audi A4?

what year jabronie?

How do you disable the central locking system of a KIA Picanto?

What is a diagnostic port

What is the center locking system of cars?

By using central locking system of cars, passenger can lock or unlock all the doors of car pressing a button or flipping a switch.

How much will it cost to replace the central locking system on a ford fiesta?

A Ford dealership will have the information about the cost of replacing the central locking system on a Ford Fiesta. Another way to estimate the cost is to get a quote from an auto part retailer.

Where are central chemoreceptors located?

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Where is the central nervous system located?

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Where is central locking relay on ford KA?

If the car has an alarm system or remote locking (Key fob) the locking control box is behind the side trim in the (UK) passenger footwell, if there is no alarm there is no relay box the system works off the door being locked and it sends a lock command to the other door

What does the air pump under the rear tail light on a 1992 jetta do?

That pump operates the pneumatic central door locking system.

In a 1995 VW Golf why is there buzzing in the trunk on the passenger side every time you lock or unlock the door?

The central-locking system is pneumatically powered. The bi-pressure pump for the system is located in the rear of the car and can be heard during operation. Note: If the central locking system stops working but the pump can still be heard, this indicates a leak in the vacuum circuit. This is usually a result of a vacuum pipe becoming detached at a rubber coupling (check connections at the base of the 'B' pillar, under the carpet).

What makes the lock go up and down when you press the car key?

In cars with central locking, or remote locking, a solenoid is fitted to the locking mechanism. When the remote button is pressed (usually on the key) a signal is sent to the central locking control system. The received signal closes an electronic gate in the controller and current from the cars battery is switched to the solenoid on the lock. The force generated locks or unlocks the door as required.

Can you put a car alarm on a car with no power locks?

Yes you can put an alarm on a car with no power locks, you can even buy central locking system that you can fit to a car with no power locking system that will connect up to the alarm system. Danny from Bee Mech Mobile Mechanics Find me at

How does car central locking system work?

The central locking is controlled by an electronic device called the central locking control unit that is bascially a relay. There are normally 4 wires that go to each door. Two of the wires connect to the lock mechanism and tell the central locking control unit whether the doors are locked or not. The other two wires connect to the actuator which can either take the form of a motor or an electro magnet. The Central locking control unit connects these wires in one direction to lock and the opposite direction to unlock the doors. Most modern cars also have a remote sensor that detects the signal from a remote key fob. This send a radio or IR signal to a detector which then connects to the central locking control unit to tell the car to lock or unlock. This uses a coded signal that is unique to that particular key fob.

Where is corrado central locking relay?

If your locking system is not functioning ,and usually the power windows and alarm are all linked together, powered by one small fuse witch is located just above the fuse / relay panel very well hidden and hard to find , it will not be shown in the directory panel ., hope this helps ,thanks Louis

Hi where is the central locking pump located for a 1989 Mercedes sl 450?

First of all, there's no such thing as a 1989 450sl...they stopped making 450sl's in 1980...then they went to the 380sl for a few years, then finally the 560sl to finish up the 107 body style run. Secondly, if we are talking about a 1979 450sl, there is no central locking pump. The entire central locking system uses the engine's vacuum. There is a storage ballast underneath the front right reminds me of 9 black balls stuck together with a single vacuum line coming out of it. The doors, trunk and gas flap are all controlled by the central locking system. Each has and needs its own vacuum diaphragms...that are powered by the vacuum lines. If your central locking system isn't working, get a vacuum gun and test each diaphragm to see if they're working properly. There is also a small vacuum valve in the left door that might also need should also check all the pertinent vacuum lines and rubber connections for leaks. One leak will screw up the entire system. Also, if you do have a 79 SL, you also have the worse climate control system ever made...this system also depends on a vacuum supply to function. That is a highly complex system that your mechanic should work on, not an amateur

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peripheral nervous system is all the nerves located outside the central nervous system; connects the central nervous system to all the parts of the body.

Why would doors be locking and unlocking on your 97 Taurus it has no alarm or remote?

one of two reasons, someone is messing with you or you have a short (i.e. a wire that's split and arcs) in the wiring on your locking system.

What is Bundle of axons located within the central nervous system?


What are bundles of axons located within the central nervous system?


What could be the problem if the key fob on a Peugeot 106 lights up but doesn't operate the central locking system?

If you have recently changed the battery, you may have issues with the key fob operating the locking system. The key fob must be reprogrammed, which you can do yourself first before taking it to a shop.

What is the best locking system in a briefcase?

I would say the key system is the best when it comes to the locking system in the briefcase, since you have an access to the briefcase it is hard to break into.

Is there a sensor in the central locking system?

Yes there is a sensor. Because until and unless u do not transmit data how could u possibly recieve output from reciver.

Can't find lever to open 1999 boxster hood?

Next to the driver's seat, between the seat and the sill plate is a pair of levers. The front one opens the "Hood" and the rear lever opens the "Trunk". As long as your Central Locking System is working, and you unlocked the car with the key fob, they will allow them both to open. If your central locking system is not working, they are locked and will open neither.

What is the difference between a keyless entry system and central locking system of the car?

The central locking means if you lock the door of the driver side by the key from outside or from inside then all the four doors and the boot door gets locked. And inversely if you open then all doors open. Key less entry is a bit advanced version of this wherein you don't have to turn the key to lock or unlock. In this a small console is fitted inside the car and you get a remote key chain with buttons for locking and uncloking. You press the button for locking and the all the doors lock and similarly unlock as well.