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How can i pay my metropcs bill?

Online - Using Debit/Credit Cards At a local MetroPCS Authorized Dealer - Cash, Credit Cards, Debit Cards.

Can a credit card company take money from your debit card?

Only if you have authorized them to do so.

If someone is in debit how often will the banks reduce their credit access?

If someone is in debit the bank can reduce their credit access several times, according to the credit amount and several other factors which can be different from bank to bank.

How do you become a member with a debit card on moshi monsters?

To become a member on Moshi Monsters with a debit card, you use the debit card as if it were a credit card. Sign up for membership at Moshi Monsters. When it asks for your credit card information, just enter the debit card information.

What is the journal entry in the increase of authorized capital stock?

debit Unissued Common Stock credit Authorized Common Stock

What does it means if sundry creditor hava a debit balance and credit balance?

If someone has a creditor and has a debit balance and a credit balance this means they have a bank account. The bank account provides the debit card and the bank provides the credit balance.

What is different between debit and credit?

the main difference between debit and credit are how they are processed. when you use debit you will be asked to enter a "personal" pin or code. debit transactions have a limit of how many times you've used your debit card that day. when you use credit you are protected from liability. if someone steals your credit card, and you report it, you will not be liable for their credit transactions. so you are less protected if you use credit over debit. for Debit you can spent your maximum money in your balance bank account. but if if credit card, this is like a loans or there's maximum balance in your credit.

What is the opposite of debit?

creditThe opposite of debit is credit. A debit is something owed. A credit is something gained.

Does cash on hand have a debit or credit balance?


Is advertisement expense a debit or credit?

It depends ! If you're advertising your business somewhere, then it's a debit. If someone is paying you to advertise their products or services, it's a credit.

Is a refund to a credit card a debit or credit?


Is cost of sale credit or debit?

Credit or debit

Can someone borrow you their nus card number?

credit and debit cards

Why is it important to memorize the debit and credit rules?

Because to make the things debit on debit side and credit on credit side, for that purpose its important to memorize the debit and credit rule.

Is drawing debit or credit?

its debit.

What are the rules of debit and credit for assets?

There are three rules for recording transactions: Personal account Debit the receiver. Credit the giver. Real account Debit what comes in. Credit what goes out. Nominal account Debit all expenses.There are three Golden Rules for Debit & Credit, whole accounting is depend on these three rules :- 1. Debit what comes in & Credit what goes out. 2. Debit the receiver & Credit the..Because to make the things debit on debit side and credit on credit side, for that purpose its important to memorize the debit and credit rule.

How do you post a debit or a credit?

debit is the receiver,credit is the giver

Is advertizing a debit or credit?

In the terms of accounting - advertising would be a debit - since you would be paying someone to advertise your business.

What is the journal entry for purchase on credit and sales on cash?

Debit: Purchases Credit: Accounts Payable Debit: Cash Credit: Sales

Do you need a credit for Club Penguin?

You need a credit card, debit card, or PayPal account to become a member.

Do you need a credit card for someone to send you money on paypal?

Yes. It can be a credit or debit, which is kinda the same thing.

Is cash sales debit or credit?

debit cash credit sales

Is bank loan credit or debit in trial balance?


how can i paywe do not have credit or debit cart?

how can i pay?we do not have credit or debit cart

Bank overdraft is in debit or credit side?

credit side