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Speed (or velocity) can be zero during a period of constant acceleration. Take a ball thrown vertically into the air. From the time it leaves the hand, it is accelerating downwards, that is, against the direction in which it is travelling. There will come a time when the constant downward acceleration causes the ball to be stationary. This is the highest point the ball will reach and from that time onwards, the ball will begin to travel in the opposite direction, i.e. downwards.

For the whole time the ball is in the air it will be accelerating downwards at a constant rate due to gravity. The velocity of the ball is changing continually and includes the moment when velocity is zero.

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Q: Can speed be zero when acceleration is constant?
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Is your speed is constant if you are traveling in a straight line with an acceleration of zero?

If your acceleration is zero, then yes, you are traveling at a constant speed. The path does not matter. Acceleration measures the change in velocity, so an acceleration of zero means that there is zero change in velocity and therefore the speed is constant.

What is the difference between constant speed and constant acceleration?

Constant speed means that speed doesn't change. Constant acceleration means that acceleration doesn't change. (If the acceleration is anything but zero, speed WILL change.)

If acceleration is zero does velocity have to be zero?

No. Acceleration is the change of velocity. If velocity is constant, at any speed, acceleration is zero.

For a car moving around a circular track at a constant speed the acceleration is?

constant speed=0 acceleration Acceleration is the change in speed. If the speed doesn't change(ie constant) the acceleration is zero.

Compare the tension of a train with constant speed and acceleration?

Unless the train is in a curve, you cannot have constant speed and constant acceleration. You either have constant speed and zero acceleration, or you have changing speed and constant acceleration. Please restate the question.

Why is the velocity 0 when your speed is constant?

It's not. If you speed is constant (but not zero), then your velocity won't be zero, either.You may be confusing this with the following: If your VELOCITY (not your speed) is constant, then your ACCELERATION is zero. Acceleration refers to how quickly velocity changes, so if velocity doesn't change at all, acceleration is zero.

The speed at which an object falls and the acceleration at which it falls are always the same value?

False If the acceleration is constant the speed increases. If the speed is constant the acceleration is zero.

Does a dish resting on a table have constant acceleration?

An object at rest has zero speed and zero acceleration.

What is the acceleration of a car going a constant speed of 100?

A car going at a constant speed is not accelerating (its rate of acceleration is zero).

A constant speed has a slope of zero energy because no acceleration is taking place?

A constant speed has a slope of zero energy because no acceleration is taking place.

If the acceleration of an object is zero does that mean that it is not moving?

NO, acceleration refers to change in speed, either speeding up(positive acceleration) or slowing down (negative acceleration.)Zero acceleration merely means it is holding a constant speed, whatever that may be (including, but not limited to a constant speed of zero.)

A car is moving with constant speed and yet the acceleration and net force are not equal to zero how is this possible?

It's not possible. Acceleration is defined as a change in velocity, so if the speed is constant, the acceleration is zero. If the acceleration is zero, so is the net force.

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