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Yes, a man can. My husband had a vasectomy 7 years before I met him and we now have a four year old and we're trying for another. It just means the doctor uses a needle into the testicles and they take sperm from further up, it is a whole lot cheaper and easier than a reversal. You just go see your local IVF unit or GP.

They either have to reverse it, or go in to his testicles with a needle and remove the sperm that way.

Note: when considering the cost of each proceedure, remember that if you choose IVF, you pay to have the sperm harvested and for each attempted fertilization.

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โˆ™ 2015-07-16 18:59:18
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Q: Can sperm be retrieved from a man once he has had a vasectomy and used for artificial insemination?
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