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Wow, that is a lot of transferring. In answer to the question, yes sperm cna be transferred that way...but the odds of you getting pregnant are extremely, extremely low. Any time sperm comes into contact with a vagina there is a possibility of pregnancy.

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How can a man tell if he can still make someone pregnant?

He has to see if his sperm are active and if he makes enough. A doctor has to ask a lab to do these tests.

What if your Business Needs to be Active on Social Media?

Then you either do it yourself or hire someone to do it for you. It's easy enough to have an active social media presence.

Can a 4 year old make someone pregnant?

No for they have not developed enough to produce sperm.

Can you get someone pregnant even if you had a vasectomy?

If the vasectomy was done properly and enough time has elapsed, then no.

How old will you be when you get pregnant?

If you're dumb enough, you'll be 16 or 17 when you get pregnant, but if you're smart enough, you'll be around the 25's or 30's. Don't get pregnant with someone you don't love, they'll end up leaving you. Remeber, be smart, not dumb.

What is the meaning of There ain't no flies on me?

Its means that someone is extremely active and never stops moving long enough for a fly to land on them.

Will your spouse get pregnant if sperm leak at the rim of the condom if she was on top?

Possibly. Sperm are active swimmers, so gravity may not be enough to discourage the little guys.

Does the guy have to go all the way inside you for you to become pregnant?

there is a good chance of getting someone pregnant by just putting your penis in a woman's vagina even if you don't go all the way. Penile fluid contain small amount of semen which is enough to get someone pregnant. Its not necessary for the penis to go all the way in to get someone pregnant. Only thing that has a 99% chance of preventing pregnancy is a condom.

What is wrong with your dog when he is not as energetic?

That dog might have been neutered, he wants someone to spend time with, or his food is not providing him enough nutrition to keep him active.

Can a girl get pregnant during the first five days after her period?

yeah, there is no time a girl cannot get pregnant. if you dont know this.. you shouldn't be sexually active yet, especially if your not old enough.. contraception is a good way to keep from getting pregnant, but is not 100% effective. nothing is... if your looking to GET pregnant, 14-15 days after your period is the ideal time.

Are any asteroids geologically active?

No. Asteroids do not have enough mass to become geologically active.

Will i get pregnant if sperm on virgin?

Yes. Even if a virgin ejaculates on you there is a chance to get pregnant. Virgins have low sperm count but still have active sperm. Sperm stay active for up to 24 hours after ejaculation.Next Answer:Virginity doesn't have anything to do with sperm count. It has to do with sexual maturity. In general, if a boy is old enough to have an erection and orgasm, he's producing sperm.

When should you tell your employer that you are pregnant?

They will need someone to do your job while you are away. Give them enough time to find a competent person. That depends on the job.

If you dont egaculate inside someone can they still become pregnant?

It depends on where you are when you do ejaculate. If you are still close enough to the vagina, then there is a chance of some sperm finding their way.

How long was Beyonce pregnant?

Not long enough

How old do you have to be to breast feed?

If you are old enough to become pregnant you are old enough to breastfeed.

How calories enough for women?

1200 to 1800 calories a day is usually enough for a simi active woman. The more active you are, the more calories it takes to maintain an normal weight.

How did someone know they were pregnant back in the 1800s?

they would feel different and knew that as soon as their period stopped they would then seek out a woman they knew well enough to be their midwife.

What is the chance of getting pregnant by withdrawal method?

There is no exact percentage to how safe the "withdrawal method" is. But basically, this form of protection should never be relied on. Pre-cum can often be enough to get someone pregnant. So please, never rely on this method.

Why is Lady Gaga pregnant?

Lady Gaga is not pregnant. But, I'm sure you're old enough to know how she would've got pregnant if she was.

Is Tambora active?

Yes it is active! But only because it hasn't been long enough to be considered as dormant or extinct.

Very light pink spotting when i wipe ..nothing enough for a pad. Not due for period for another 2 weeks.Whats going on?

It can be just from ovulation. However, if your periods are irregular, it can be a sign of implantation and you are pregnant if sexually active. Spotting before a period was due was my first sign that I was pregnant.

What is the best answer for someone asking if you're pregnant when you're not?

This is a very awkward position to be in. Generally, it is wise to not ask about pregnancy until the woman offers information that she is expecting. However, if someone mistakenly thinks you are pregnant, the best thing to do is to say, "No." The silence will be embarrassing enough for the person to realize they asked a very rude and personal question.

What does it mean when a 12 year old squirts out sperm?

He's reached puberty.He's just masturbated or had a wet dream.He's old enough to make someone pregnant.

Is there planned parenthood for pregnant teens?

PPL is open for everyone who is pregnant but there are no clinics only for pregnant teens. I doubt there would be enough patients for that.

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