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No. If a woman is infertile, sperm will have no effect on her. Infertile means she cannot get pregnant.

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No, sperm are required for pregnancy.

No it does not cause pregnancy

No. The only thing a sperm can cause is pregnancy.

Sperm cause pregnancy if they get into the vagina.

No, sperm doesn't cause early miscarriage.

Chlamydia doesn't cause pregnancy. You get pregnant when a sperm and egg meet.

The only thing that can cause pregnancy is fertilisation of the ovum with sperm.

No. For pregnancy to occur there needs to be sperm.

Pregnancy only requires a single sperm cell to occur. One mL of semen contains millions of sperm cells.

A drop of semen containing sperm can if it get to the right places

no, having intercourse with a male who has sperm is what causes pregnancy.

Not normally, no. It could only cause pregnancy if there was sperm on his fingers. However, even if he did it would be unlikely to cause pregnancy. Still, it is important to make sure there is no sperm on his fingers if he is going to touch her.

It is possible for those sperm to find their way into the uterus and cause pregnancy.

Well . . . yeah . . . If sperm is present at the opening into the birth canal, it can indeed swim up to the uterus and cause pregnancy. It is less likely than inserted sperm cells to cause pregnancy, but it can still happen.

I think that there is no relationship between the quality of sperm and the ectopic pregancy.

could be that one of your cockatiels are infertile, either the males sperm is infertile or the females eggs are infertile.

Depends where the semen is, if it is inside, yes.

This can be consdiered a form of birth control. Sperm in the mouth does not cause pregnancy. Sperm elsewhere can. Keep the sperm where it will do the least harm.

you can tell when you go to the doctors or where ever it is you get this checked out and if he has a low sperm count it means he is infertile

If sperm makes it into you, then you can get pregnant. Any amount of sperm can cause pregnancy.

He is infertile and can't have kids

No, only sperm has the ability to penetrate the female egg and cause a pregnancy. Saliva contains no sperm, so there is no chance of pregnancy, if saliva alone ends up in your vagina.

Yes it could cause a ZERO sperm count. I have been on Zoloft (Sertraline) for 3 years and my sperm count is extremely low. So in essence it makes you infertile for the duration of use and possibly beyond.

No, it is far too early. It may take many hours for the sperm to reach and fertilise the ovum.

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