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Not in the stomach.

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Q: Can sperm live inside your belly?
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How long will sperm live inside the female?

Sperm can live inside of a female for up to five days after intercourse.

How long can sperm live inside a women's body?

Sperm carrying an X chromosome can live about 5 days inside of a woman's body. They tend to live longer than sperm carrying Y chromosomes.

Can a sperm live for years?

No inside a vagina they can live for 3days maximum.

How long does sperm live inside the stomach?

Stomach acid kills the sperm almost immediately.

If you are spotting and sperm is released inside of you can you still get pregnant?

Yes, especially if you are close to your period. Sperm can live for up to six days inside a person.

How long does the sperm live inside the uterus?

For up to 72 hours.

How long can sperm live inside a woman?

up to 7 days

Can sperm get to the uterus from the belly button?


Can sperm live inside a female for 3 months and get her pregnant?

No, a week is max.

Can you get pregnant from using a tampon covered in sperm?

It's inside the vagina, covered in live sperm. Yes, there is a possibility for pregnancy.yes.

After my boyfriend cusinside me what should you do so the sprem can reach and fertilize the egg?

You can wash up because water helps the sperm get farther inside you. Sperm can live inside you for at least seven days. If there is no egg, then the sperm will die out.

How long does a sperm cell live?

Sperm can live inside the vagina up to 5 days. However outside of the vagina they only live for a few minuets to a few hours when the oxygen hits them.

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