Can spiders hurt humans?

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Most spiders do not harm humans, but there are some that are poisonous and can harm us if provoked. Some tarantulas have large fangs that can infect humans with poison if they are bitten. Some spiders, like the Black Widow and Brown Recluse are very deadly, and live in households alongside humans, but rarely come to harm them. So, some spiders can hurt humans, but most spiders prefer to keep their distance and will not harm people unless they are provoked.
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Do spiders eat humans?

No. No matter how large a spider is, it cannot eat a human being. Spiders digest their food externally which is why they wrap their meals in silk ... there is no way that any spider ever came close to hunting prey even the tenth size of the tiniest baby. . Most spider attacks on humans are really ( Full Answer )

Can camel spiders kill humans?

First of all, although they are horrifying, they are not even spiders at all. They are called wind scorpions. wind scorpions are in the same group of animals as spiders, mites, ticks and true scorpions, but there are several differences between them. They do not carry any venom and could not kill a ( Full Answer )

Do humans eat spiders in there sleep?

this rarely happens but it could. when a human is sleeping. aspider could hang from a wall or on the celling but when the humanopens it's mouth for a breath of air. the spider can fall into it'smouth! the human will not wake up but it will sense something is intheir mouth. so while there dreaming in ( Full Answer )

Will spiders lay eggs in humans?

No. Spiders don't do that. Check the site listed in links for more details. This one's a hoax and an urban legend that's been around for a very long time. Instead, you were bitten by a spider -- nothing more or less. Depending on the type of spider and your reaction to it, this may be nothing impo ( Full Answer )

Are pirate spiders toxic to humans?

Pirate spiders are not dangerous to humans. They feed upon otherspiders and rarely other insects, but their venom is designed to beespecially toxic to other spiders which they kill by biting thelegs.

What spiders can kill humans?

In Rare cases the black widow's and the brown recluse spiders can kill humans but it is extremely rare. Most of the time when bitten by one of these spiders you will be fine, even if you don't go see a doctor, however I highly recommend seeing a doctor immediately. Extremely skinny people and people ( Full Answer )

Why do humans kill spiders?

In South America spiders are eaten as food. . In most countries they can be irrationally killed because of arachnophobia . . While spiders are not usually deadly, they can be venomous and therefore considered dangerous.

Are there more spiders than humans?

Yes. There are 40,700 species in the Smithsonian's spider catalog, and the average number of spiders per acre of land, worldwide, has been estimated at between 20 and 50,000. At 20,000, the number of spiders in about 305,00 acres (477 sq. mi. or 1.234 sq. km.) would outnumber the human race.

Do spider bites hurt?

Yes. My best friend got bitten by one when she was young. It is all swollen.

Does every spider bite humans?

Every spider has fangs and/or teeth, since all of them are carnivores (meat-eaters). However, the fangs/teeth of most species are not strong or long enough to penetrate the skin of a human. This means that all spiders can bite humans but most of them will be harmless (you won't even feel them). Wh ( Full Answer )

Do humans use spiders for anything?

humans may eat spiders for protein, some even put spiders in there house to kill other pestering bugs like: flys, mosqiutos,etc

Can a human get hurt from a human bite?

Yes and you can get diseases and infections like AID if the person biting is infected and the bite cracks the skin. So don't get bit!!! human generate impressive bite force, enough to rip flesh open and crack bones a human can eat another human. (raw ) New answer Yes a human can get injured fr ( Full Answer )

Are spiders afraid of humans?

Most spiders are afraid of humans and if given the chance they willrun away. Many will only attack if they feel threatened.

How are spiders harmful to humans?

Well, many spiders are poisonous. But here are a few. -Black widow -brown widow (I do believe) -brown recluse -wolf spider (i think) TIP: You can also Google first aid for these spiders and the FUNNEL or GRASS SPIDER. Those are very low venom rate and will not hurt humans. But also Google harmful or ( Full Answer )

Can a spider hurt you?

yes they can but only poisonous spiders can hurt you if they bite you youll die in 5 min!

Does the spider monkey attack humans?

Like any monkey, a spider monkey can be vicious if provoked, and they are stronger than their small size would indicate. But they prefer to avoid conflicts with humans.

Are spiders terrified of humans?

Yes. We're very big and they're very small. They usually bite people because they think their lives are in danger and are trying to survive.

How do spiders benefit humans?

Spiders kill many small insects. If there were no spiders, the number of these insect verities would go unchecked and the ecosystem would fail. The plant eating bugs would eat all of the plants, and bugs like the mosquito would be in much greater numbers. Spiders are pretty important. But most crea ( Full Answer )

Do spider monkeys hurt people?

The answer is no. Spider monkeys do not hurt people. In their natural habitat, they are wonderous and playful creatures. They are active and adorable and very sweet. If someone is a threat, they may scamper away or make a screeching noise to ward off the threat. Some people, that do not understand t ( Full Answer )

Can spiders hurt a betta fish?

well no but if the fish touches the spider then he would get mad. Also I don't think spiders should go under water. So i would say probably. I think they do, because a small spider got into my sister's beta fish tank, and we later found the fish dead. :( So, I think it's highly possible.

Can a Goldenrod spider kill a human?

A Goldenrod spider is extremely venomous but one bite would not be enough to kill a human. But it is possible if you are allergic to it.

Can spiders live on a human body?

No they can't. They need oxygen to breath. So for instance if a person should swallow them, not only is there oxygen in your body for them to breath but the acid in your stomach can kill them. People swallow bugs all the time and nothing happens.

How might spiders benefit humans?

There are an enormous number of spiders in the world and they typically eat bugs (or any animal that lands in their web). Without spiders, the insect population would be higher.

Can common house spiders hurt you?

They are venomous and the bite causes symptoms such as swelling and itching especially for those who are allergic.

Do spider mites harm humans?

do spider mites harm humans? do they go in your ears, eyes nose, will they lay eggs there.

Why do humans hate spiders?

because there scary,creepy and crawl next to your face while you sleep on the other hand because they are very dangerous some people can't tell is a real issue or not.

Are spider monkeys scared of humans?

If you think your scared of them then wait until you see how they feel! They are alot more scared of you than you are of them

Are spider bites harmful to humans?

Spiders don't bite... they just crawl up your legs. Well that's in England anyway. Some are quite deadly animals though. Like ones in America they could be quite dangerous. :)

Are spiders safe to humans?

Many types of spiders have venom that can cause serious health problems in humans. The venom of some species can kill if not treated.

Can cats eat jumping spiders will it hurt them?

Cats can eat spiders, this will not hurt the cat (but will definitely hurt the spider). Most cats would rather eat their cat food, but there is a certain excitement in catching your own prey, even if it is just a spider.

Why do humans hurt fellow humans?

Most humans hurt other humans when they get mad. They could get into a fist fight,shoot a gun, and do many other things.

Do spiders hate humans?

No, they're afraid of humans. Wouldn't you be if a living thing at least thirty times your size was walking around you? Are you stupid?

Does spider bite piercing hurt?

"do spider bites hurt"well it all depends on the much pain they can actually take nd if u really look good with would really just feel lke an ant bite or a small nutthing if u do want a spider bite or snake bite think of how much pain u can take nd if ur going to keep up w ( Full Answer )

How do banana spiders hurt you?

If you are referring to Black Widow spiders that can be found on banana stalks; they can bite you and inject a toxic poison.

What do spiders eat that humans eat?

Over boiled cheese from the galaxy of mutated pickles and stale marshmallows with pet snails that eat french people.

Can wolf spiders hurt you?

wolf spiders are like any other ordanary spiders, they may bite, but probably won't kill you...

Can spiders nest in human hair?

Yes. It is very unlikely if you wash your hair on a regular basis. There are cases of severely neglected children who have had spiders in their hair.

What kind of spider is not dangeroues to human?

Argiope spiders are considered harmless to humans. I've even tested that fact and it is true. I took one out of its web and held it. Never bit me or even cared. They're usually large and black and yellow.

Do red back spider bites hurt?

If the spider is black with a red hour glass on the back it is the black widow. One of the most poisonous and deadly spiders on the planet

What does camel spider poison do to humans?

First of all the "camel spider" isn't really a spider; it's a spider kin called a solafugid (means "flees from the Sun," which it certainly does). Its venomous bite is painful, but not deadly, to humans. Stories about its anesthetic powers are not true.

Do cobweb spiders bite humans?

A cobweb refers to any old web from any type of spider-it is notspider specific, however the most dangerous spiders in US keep lowto the ground so cobwebs being in high places were most likelyformerly inhabited by spiders harmless to humans.

Do spider bites piercing hurt?

Spider bite piercing are not likely to hurtmuch as compared to other lip piercing. It is suggested to visit anexperienced piercer to make the process smoother and easier foryou.