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Can spyware or viruses be embedded into mp3 files?

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βˆ™ 2006-08-08 15:47:10

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Yes, a virus can get into any files or folders.

2006-08-08 15:47:10
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Is there a difference in MP3 HTML for desk and MP HTML for an Internet upload?

MP3 is embedded in the web page and is MPEG level 3, an encoded standard for audio files.

How do you convert mp3 files into mpeg4 files for files such as films?

mp3 files are usually audio files which means they can not be converted into videos. LOL. Films do not come in mp3 formats.

Does have viruses?

mixmenow offers lame audio upgrade in order to listen unlimited previews of mp3 files. lame is a reputable software so i doubt they have any viruses

How do you change M4A files to MP3 Files?

you have to find a mp3 converter for this. Try and search for MP3 converter

What is an MP3?

Mp3 is a common file format for audio files. An mp3 player, such as an iPod, plays those music files.

Can all MP3 files be played on all players?

Yes all MP3 files can be played on any MP3 player.

How do you get files from the KORG M50 onto your computer or into mp3 files?

mp3 can be play in m50

Where can someone buy mp3 files?

There are a few places where someone can purchase Mp3 files. Some of these places include; from someone else, eBay, and Amazon. Although some Mp3 files may be copyrighted, someone purchasing or selling Mp3 files needs to verify that the files are not pirated.

Can you edit mp3 files with audacity?

MP3 files opened with Audacity will be converted to a non-compressed Wave files format for editing. To save the file back as an MP3, you will need to install a 3rd party MP3 codec such as the LAME MP3 encoder.

Why is it beneficial for user to download MP3 files rather than WAV files?

MP3 files are smaller so there faster to download

Is there a mp3 in 2004 Nissan Murano?

No, mp3 files are not supported in Murano I (2003-2008) No, mp3 files are not supported in Murano I (2003-2008)

What is a website for an online no download MP3 joiner or merger?

There is no online site that edits MP3 files, but you can download Audacity and edit MP3 files for free.

Does mp3 rocket have viruses?


How can someone covert a mpeg4 file to an mp3?

Zamzar allows users to convert files online and for free. Using Zamzar, it is possible to convert MP3 files to a variety of other and MP4 files to MP3 files and other formats.

Are mp3 files larger than wave files?

No, usually MP3 files are much smaller than wave files, because they use compression to reduce the size.

Do websites with free ringtone downloads have viruses?

Free ring tone downloads may contain viruses. Check to make sure that you are downloading MP3 or M4R files and not an EXE file that may contain a virus.

Your mp3 file are converted as jpg?

No. .mp3 files are Music storage file types, .jpg are image files.

What sites offer downloads of mp3 files?

MP3 files can be downloaded from Napster,Skysongs,Play,7 Digital,Click groove and Tune Tribe. These are the conventionally legal sites in which to download mp3 files.

Is mp3 stereo or only mono?

Most mp3 files are stereo. That doesn't mean that there aren't mono mp3 files it's just that most music is stereo. MP3 is a standard method of compacting files with minimal loss of quality of the sound.

What are the features of an MP3 watch?

An MP3 watch has the ability to tell time digitally with the added bonus of storing MP3 files. This allows the user to play MP3 music files directly from their watch.

Why does your mp3 player keep saying nand no files?

Most mp3 players (china made) specially with built in memories will keep saying no nand files. It is not a copy paste from a computer or any media to your mp3 players. Instead, You have to rip your mp3 files from cd and copy it to your mp3 player

How do you upload your files to your mp3?

when you are uploading something on your MP3 you have to save it where your mp3 file is then it downloads directly to there.

Does iPod play MP3?

Yes, iPods play .mp3 files.

How do mp3 files compare to CD files?

Easy, MP3's are higher quality, don't jump unnecessarily and they are compressed

Which car amplifiers work best with MP3 files?

Pioneer is the best amplifer and car system that works with MP3 files.