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Yes, even stage zero Breast cancer can come back.

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Q: Can stage zero breast cancer come back?
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Can you get rid of Breast Cancer?

Breast Cancer can not get rid of. However, Breast Cancer can go away but come back soon. Symptoms of Breast Cancer would be pain, weight loss, breast pain, breast lump, and nipple discharge. If you have Breast Cancer or symptoms, visit your local doctor. Go to to find out more information about Breast Cancer. You can also look up American Cancer Society for more help.

What is stage 0 cancer And can it come back?

Depending on the type of cancer,For instance 0 stage breast cancer Can mean that there has be abnormal cells found and further testing would need to ran to confirm diagnosis.There is really no other information we can provide with out Specific Cancer information you have provided.Please be more specific so we can obtain the information you are looking for and be more helpful for you in the future.

When does taking the stage come back on?

when does taking the stage come back on

How many cancer deaths come from breast cancer?

16% of deaths caused by cancer in women

Who was the first to come up with a cure for breast cancer?


What causes blood to come out of nipples?

It could be breast cancer.

What kind of charm is featured on a breast cancer support necklace?

A ribbon is the the symbol for breast cancer on many chains. It is usually pink colored and worn in recognition of those with breast cancer and a cure to come.

Does blood come out of boobies?

no maybe if u have breast cancer though

Can cervical cancer come back?

Yes cervical cancer can back. Mainly there are 90% diseases can come back after they are cured.

What is so bad about breast cancer?

The pain and complications that come with it and mostly chemotherapy which is what many cancer patients struggle with.

Can you get breast cancer after mastectomy?

Yes. As with any type or form of cancer, the cancerous cells can re-appear in that area or in another area at any time. A friend of mine had breast cancer at a young age, had a double-mastectomy and was cancer-free for about a year and a half. Then, the cancer came back. There are lymph nodes under your arms and your breast tissue goes into your chest wall.Even with a mastectomy, if they get the whole tumor out and treat with chemo or radiation, then find no signs of cancer for a year or 2 or more, unfortunately, the cancer can come back at any time.So rock those pink ribbons and donate to Susan G. Komen!!

If you have cancer will your blood tests come back abnormal?

Yes, if you have certain types of cancer your blood tests will come back abnormal. This is usually the first step to finding out you have cancer.

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