Can stress early in your pregnancy cause a miscarriage?

Yes it can! Try not to stress. I know sometimes people can make you mad or stress you out but calm yourself down as much as possible. Also stressing can cause your baby to come out months before its due and it'll die because its not developed yet. Stressing is very bad when your pregnant.

There is absolutely no proof out there that stress causes miscarriage. It is not healthy for you or the baby, but it does not cause miscarriage. Miscarriage is often a chromosonal abnormality.

I try not to listen too much to anyone because some specilists say yes it can cause miscarriage and others says no.

Its very misleading and its easier said then dont to say calm yourself down and try not too stress,specially when you have other children that stresses you

There is no clinical proof that stress directly causes miscarriages. There is however research taking place to determine whether the levels of certain chemicals which increase while under stress do have an impact... 10% - 25% off all Pregnancies end with a miscarriage and most are caused by genetic development problems during gestation and generally occur during the first 18 weeks. The genetic problems are not directly linked to either parent, but are the product of multiple events (possibly including stress) that have lead to incorrect development of the fetus and hence a miscarriage...


I had 3 miscarriages and 1 successful pregnancy. The successful pregnancy I was under EXTREME amounts of stress because of work and because I was afraid that I'd lose her. A recent miscarriage, I was under no stress because I was so sure everything would be fine since I had my girl. Miscarriage is due to chromosomal defects.