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Can sugar water make plants grow faster?


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Yes, it can make plants grow faster because in photosynthesis, the plants turn the sunlight Into sugar which makes the plant grow,

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Water and sugar combined with water is the best liquid for plants to grow faster in.

Plants will grow faster with sugar water than with salt water. Salt will draw water away from the plant instead of feed it.

Sugar,sugar helps increase cellulose and help the plant grow faster. Plain water will maintain the status Que.

If you notice that some soda grow faster than water in plants. Some sugar in soda kill the plants. So there is your answer, some sugar in soda kill plants.

Yes, I plant marigolds with sugar water, salt water and tap water with the same condition. The sugar ones actually germinates faster than the rest.

BOTH!Gatorade and soda have sugar in them and plants do need sugar to order to grow...AND SUNLIGHT

Plants will grow better with sugar water. Salt water will kill a plant.

Sugar crystals grow faster in tap water because there are more chemicals in tap water.

No, most plants will not grow at all in salt water.

Sugar (more specifically, glucose) will help a plant grow faster. Salt kills most plants.

no, a plant does not grow faster with sugar water because sugar can kill the plant and will affect the roots inside it. the plant needs regular water and you shouldnt water a plant with sugar water becuse plants already produce sugar and watering it with more sugar will cause an overdosage and cause the plant to die. this is true research and i hope this helps you! bye! -sincerly ms.clay

well plants grow better in regular water but if they get any water they will still grow

milk and diet coke makes plants grow faster

Corn syrup has sugars. Sugar can work as a fertilizer for plants. As long as you have not over fertilized, the plant will grow faster.

Plants having water have turgid cells. Turgidity helps in cell division as well as cell elongation. Hence these plants grow faster than water scare plants.

Water. Water absorbs and nutrients the plants system.

First take a cup of room temperature water then take a teaspoon of sugar and pour it in the water. Stir it all together, put the plant in the water, then let it sit for about an hour. Come back, remove the plant, and stir it once more. Place the plant in the soil with a regular cup to hold it in place. Remember to keep the plant in the sugar water. In a while, your plant should grow faster because the glucose (sugar) level will cause the cells to grow faster because glucose is a source of food for plants. I did this, and it worked successfully. My plant grew larger, faster, and greener. Good luck! :) P.S.: As far as putting it in the soil, if you water the soil with sugar water, I'm sure some plants will grow faster because sugar is a source of food for plants.

With all the required nutrients and water, the plants grow faster in sand due to increased porocity to the roots.

Rain water make bamboo plants grow faster.

Yes it can , but milk or water will make plants grow more faster.

well i did i science project on plants and it didn't say any thing about using sugar water to grow plants but you can find out by trying it

Sugar makes yeast grow fastest when added to it with warm water

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