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Can sweat cause acne?


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Sweat can clog your pores, and this can cause acne if you don't wash your wash soon after sweating.

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Yes because sweat cums from our bodies which makes Our skin vulnerable so we get acne. Always wash your skin after a brief sweat

You get acne by stress, sweat, junk food, etc.

Sweat and your inner thighs rubbing together can cause more irritation and infection.

You get acne on your butt by having over active sweat glands.

Chlamydia can not cause acne outbreaks.Chlamydia does not cause acne.

The precise cause can be unknown, but generally body acne will be found in areas of over-active sebaceous glands. The commonest areas are chest, back and buttocks. Sweat and friction can aggravate the condition. ( reference

No, masturbation does not cause acne.

sebaceous gland ( sweat gland )

No, contacts do not cause acne.

Drinking cola and other sodas does not cause acne.

"no, STDs don't cause acne however they can cause warts" its not true i think there is a std that gives u acne

Potatoes are unlikely to cause acne. Suffering from acne as a teenager, I was always told to avoid chocolate! foods cause acne..chocolate or french fries or coke does not cause acne..

Indeed it does. After the sweat is over your skin it accumulates harmful infections and when they seep into your pores, cause infections. That's what acne is caused by sometimes. also ugliness can be obtained from it.

no, it doesnt. sperm contains minerals, and minerals dont cause acne.

Yes, cocaine use can cause acne, as well as other problems.

Yes, nuts are known to make skin oily and cause acne.

No, it isn't so much the snow or cold weather, but just the absence of warm weather. Warm weather and a high humidity will cause you to sweat more and thus stimulating the growth of acne.

No, it helps get rid of acne.

by the pores you have in your skin if you clog them you get acne or a pimple

no, but you sweat when you're rolling and that's what makes you break out.

no.AnswerSince most type of nuts are greasy and dry in content, they will cause acne.

nope makes it worse try rubbing deodorant on your face where you get sweat! that 'ill stop Ur acne!

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