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It really depends on the antibiotic and the class drug it is. Drugs are rated different classes based on their risk to a pregnancy. For example, Amoxicillin is considered a class B drug. Class B drugs are considered relatively safe. Tetracycline on the other hand is considered a Class D drug, meaning there is sufficient data to determine the drug is harmful during pregnancy.

For more information on drug classes, you can start at the related link. To find out what class of drug your antibiotic is, go to any drug database and look up the drug information. It should list the pregnancy category in the information.

I would discuss the use of Alesse and the antibiotics with your doctor or midwife if you are pregnant.

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Q: Can taking Alesse and antibiotics while pregnant cause birth defects?
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Can taking cipro cause birth defects?

Birth defects are possible in pregnant patients taking Cipro. It has not been proven that Cipro is the cause of the defects, however.

Can taking antibiotics harm a fetus?

There are certain antibiotics for women when they are pregnant that are safe to take, talk to your Dr. if you are on antibiotics and pregnant. Hope this helps.

Can antibiotics make you pregnant?

Antibiotics can make birth control pills ineffective, but you cannot get pregnant JUST by taking them, you have to also have sex.

Can you get pregnant while taking antibiotics?

Yes she can. Antibiotics do not prevent you from getting pregnant. They may have some affect on the effectiveness of various birth control pills.

Will a baby have birth defects if you get pregnant while on provera?

i was on that when i became pregnant with my first child, and she didn't have birth defects. birth control doesnt hurt the baby just as long as you stop taking it once you find out you are pregnant.

Is it safe 2 take penicillin while pregnant?

Antibiotics should be avoided when pregnant but you have to discuss this with your doctor. Some conditions are worse for the mother and baby than taking antibiotics.

Is it safe to take six months of continuous antibiotics while pregnant?

It depends why you are taking them. Presumably your doctor knows you are pregnant and it may be that the antibiotics help you maintain your pregnancy. ASk the doctor.

What happens to you if you got pregnant and then started taking birth control?

You would cause birth defects with the baby.

Will leflunomide stop you from getting pregnant?

No, In fact if you became pregnant whilst taking the pills the child could have bad defects. USE PROTECTION!

Can you get pregnant during the last week of your pill packet wile on antibiotics?

Yes. Antibiotics effect birth control, this is how most pregnancies occur when woman are on the pill, by taking antibiotics.

Can you give blood when taking roaccutane?

No. This is in case the blood is given to a pregnant woman which could cause birth defects.

Are Antibiotics for cough safe to take by pregnant women?

you need to talk to your doctor before taking anything.

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