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In some cases yes if the doctors or nurses are corrupt. For example: My great-aunt of 92 years owned a great deal of property in Banff, Alberta. She loved the great outdoors and wanted to keep the property natural and pristine. One doctor, a teacher and a lawyer came to her death bed (she was still conscious) and without anyone else around they had her sign a completely new Will. My father went to Banff from Vancouver to try and stop this and his lawyer basically told him "they have more money than you, and they'll win!" My father was willing to fight, but my great aunt passed away before he could. The change in the Will was so confusing and conniving had been going on so long my father could afford to keep taking trip to Banff to sort it out. They won! Another case in point. If a person is dying of cancer and up until their last few days before death they are considered sane, and the dying person requests that their Will be changed (could be a fight in the family and the dying party would like any monies or property taken from that person) the dying person can request from their doctor that his lawyer (or if they don't have one) a lawyer can come to the facility and make up another Will according to the dying person's wishes. It is usually witnessed by possibly two doctors and some nurses. If the person is in the process of passing away and even has Dementia the existing Will still stands! Usually people make up their Wills earlier on and it should be revised every 10 years or when you have children, etc. Sometimes we simply change our minds as to where we want to leave our Estate. Wills are for a reason and the wishes of the deceased should be followed to the letter even if many family members don't agree. A Will can be contested if one thinks there has been some funny business going on, or the Executor/Executrix is keep things too secret. For this all you need to do is see a lawyer and present your case and if the lawyer thinks you have good grounds the case will go to court. If it goes to court then you can hold up that Will for 3 or more years (back logs in court)and anyone rotten enough to try and steal an Estate from under the nose of the existing heirs won't want to wait that long for their money, so the judge will either see fit to leave the Will as is, or if there are extenuating circumstances he can have the the Will split in half. Marcy

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Q: Can testimonials from Doctors or nurses at someones deathbed change a written will?
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