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No, the Emergency Alert System can't alert us on the 2012 doomsday,because it is not confirmed that it exsists.

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โˆ™ 2012-02-29 16:11:48
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Q: Can the Emergency Alert System alert us on the 2012 doomsday?
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Where can I get an emergency alert system?

You can get an emergency alert system from websites such as and They are great notification websites and very informative.

What is the protocol of the Emergency Alert System?

The protocol of the Emergency Alert System is all broadcast stations including satellite,internet,and radio must be able to receive the alert messages.

What is a device that can send an alert in a medical emergency?

They are medical alert systems. Guardian Alert 911 30911 2-Way Emergency Communicator is one brand of medical alert system.

What is the Emergency Alert in Australia?

The Emergency Alert Australia is an emergency communications system which was set up by the Australian Commonwealth Government as a response to Black Sunday.

What is the best home emergency alert system available?

The best home emergency alert system available is a weather alert radio. The radio will give warnings of severe weather in your area in time for you to take cover.

What is a Lifeline medical alert?

A Lifeline medical alert is a personal alert system that is only offered to seniors, caregivers, and the disabled for the purpose of emergency response service.

Does the united kingdom have a emergency alert system like the usa?

There used to be a national alert system called HANDEL, but it was decommissioned in 1992. it is not known what replaced it.

When was Life Alert Emergency Response created?

Life Alert Emergency Response was created in 1987.

Who first started the emergency alert system?

The Federal Communications Commission created the Emergency Alert System in 1994, and required all broadcast stations to possess EAS equipment by 1997. The EAS was preceded by the Emergency Broadcast System and the CONELRAD program.

What is the SOS post crash alert system designed for on a vehicle?

For Emergency Assistance

What are some of the best emergency alert systems?

"The best emergency alert system is the EAS, its a television broadcast in the United States. It's for when something happens in an area, they can broadcast this on tv, and get people to safety."

What are true statements for chocking parked vehicles on the airfield?

Alert or emergency vehicles responding to an emergency/alert are exempt from chocking when parked.

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